All-Pro Agent Training

All-Pro Bail Bonds strives to offer quality and professional bail bond services and is continuing to achieve this by holding quarterly agent training sessions. The most recent training session was this past February. The main goal of the All-Pro training sessions was to strengthen the agent’s understanding of All-Pro’s Mission, Vision, and Principles and put these core components into action.

The main exercise of February’s training session was to have each bail agent listen to themselves on past live bail calls. This allowed each agent the opportunity to evaluate themselves and how the client responded to their tone, verbiage, and temperament. The exercise has already proven successful as the agents are using the feedback and the ideas they received to better serve the clients of All-Pro Bail Bonds.

The training also gave All-Pro the opportunity to recognize their outstanding team members by awarding three agents the 2010 Agent of the Year award. These three agents each had the highest production for the 2010 year in their region. All-Pro supports their bail bond agents and fosters a professional and helpful company to continue to serve those in need of bail bonds in California.

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