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Do I Have Enough Money for Bail?

Bail is a payment made to a court of law in order to ensure an arrested person’s appearance at certain court dates. The bail payment is arranged to allow the accused’s freedom during a time he or she is suspected of committing a crime. Bail is a tremendous privilege, so it is important to call the right bail bond firm right away.

Bail is sometimes established at a higher amount than the accused can pay. Then, the defendant may decide remain in jail until trial or arrange a loan from the bail bond agent.

The defendant must have approximately ten percent of the bail amount in cash. If the defendant does not have this amount, he or she should ask a co-signor and identify collateral to secure the loan. He or she should have routing and account numbers of a bank account, credit card accounts, and credit references to provide to the bail bond firm. Then, the defendant and co-signor may complete the bond loan.

How to Arrange a Loan for Bail

Call a reputable California bail bond firm with the amount of bail needed. Provide the bail bond agent with the financial information assembled above.

The bail bondsman will request approximately ten percent of the bail face amount in order to make the loan. This amount represents the firm’s fee and the profit required to make the bail loan.

Release of Bail to the Court

The defendant must then agree to appear in court on the dates required. As long as the bail bond firm has all of the bail loan information in order, the bail required by the court is released. The bail bond firm keeps the fee and finances the remaining one hundred percent of bail.

Bail Loan Co-Signor

Most defendants will need a co-signor to arrange a bail loan. A relative or friend co-signer ensures that the defendant will appear in court on the dates agreed and that the bail loan will be paid according to the terms and conditions of the bail firm financial agreement.

The co-signor agrees that, if the defendant does not pay the face amount of bail posted by the bail bondsman, he or she will pay instead. It is important to note that California law provides the bail bond firm one year (360 days) to bring the arrested defendant back to court before the face amount of bond is due and payable. If an arrested individual does not appear at court when required, it is important for the co-signor to contact All-Pro Bail Bonds in order to request reinstatement of bail bond.

Collateral may be required, especially for large bail loans. As with any loan, collateral improves the chances of having the bail amount approved. The bail bond agent will advise what types of collateral are accepted for a specific secured bail bond. Some bond arrangements require only a personal signature.

Return of Bail Bond

If the defendant is cleared of all charges, collateral posted for the bail bond is returned. If he or she does not appear on the dates established by the court before the verdict is reached, the accused risks collateral loss. The defendant and his or her co-signor then become responsible for the full bail bond loan amount.

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Bail Bond Rates

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