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What do I do After an Arrest?

Being arrested is an ordeal anyone should be glad to never go through. However, if one is arrested, there are things they should to in order to alleviate the stress they’re feeling.

After being arrested and processed in jail, the first thing that is likely on a person’s mind is getting out of jail. This will require making bail. This can happen with a bail bondsman (someone who professionally deals with such matters), giving one’s own money to pay for their bail or putting up something valuable (such as their house) as collateral.

Your Rights

When one is arrested, they need to understand their rights. They most likely already know of their Miranda rights, which start with the famous “you have the right to remain silent.” This is absolutely important for them to remember because it prevents the police from using their words against them. There is no doubt that they will be somewhat agitated or unnerved in the process of being arrested. However, they need to be as careful as possible to not say anything that could be damaging to their chances of being acquitted.

While they have their own rights to keep in mind, the person being arrested should not be a hostile suspect. They need to make sure to comply with the officers at all times. When they’re being arrested, they should not flee or act aggressively. Doing so will only worsen their case, as it will give the court reason to file any additional charges on them. By acting in a respectful manner, they’re giving them fewer reasons to treat them in an unfair manner.

When it comes time to be processed, one must remember to be respectful then as well. This will involve their fingerprint being taken, being searched for any weapons or dangerous substances and having their mugshot taken. Those at the jail or police station have no involvement in their being arrested and have to deal with processing a great number of people on a regular basis. If the suspect wants to get out of jail as soon as possible, they’ll need to comply fully with whatever is required of them, as long as it doesn’t violate their rights.

Get an Attorney

Another crucial element of the Miranda rights is the right to an attorney. Remember this and make sure you have an attorney in your contact as soon as possible. The courts cannot deny you this request, and it is not something you want to wait around for. By hiring an attorney as soon as possible, you will be able to work on your case and hopefully win it.

The right to remain silent goes a long way. If and when a suspect is interrogated, they can refuse to say anything they believe would be against their self-interest to say. They can also request to have an attorney present when being questioned, and they can use their attorney’s expertise for consultation. Since their attorney is experienced in criminal law matters, they will be able to provide the proper guidance.

Once someone is able to make bail after being arrested, they need to be in communication with the courts and their attorney about the processes in their court. An arraignment will follow, in which a plea is filed. Should a “not guilty” plea be filed, then plans will be set in motion for further court dates. One who is arrested must make sure to follow through on these dates, or they will be in violation of the law. Dealing with an arrest can be a stressful matter, but handling it as responsibly as possible is the key to making things easier.

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