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Stockton Police & Body Cameras

Body cameras have increasingly become part of police equipment for telling the truth and eliminating inconsistency between the police and the people they are interacting with. During a recent jaywalking incident, it appeared that the camera did exactly that.

The Incident

Aleeyah Valentine, 18 years old, was reportedly observed by police officers walking down the traffic lane at Gateway Court. This occurred at around 4:18 p.m. on a Tuesday evening. The police officers lawfully detained the suspect.  Valentine became agitated and started using profanity when the police officers tried to explain what she did wrong.

At that point in time, the police officers issue her with a jaywalking citation. Valentine on the other hand persisted in using verbally abusive statements towards the police officers. She went ahead and tore up the jaywalking citation and threw the pieces on the streets, according to what was reported.

The police officers ordered Valentine to take the papers, or she would be issued with another jaywalking citation. The reason for that was not specified in the report. The report, however, indicates that Valentine declined to follow the police officers’ instructions and instead decided to walk away. Silva said that the suspect pulled away from the police officers and at that point they handcuffed her and pushed her to the ground.

Valentine was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest. She was driven to the downtown police headquarters and with a misdemeanor citation, and she was eventually released, therefore she never applied for bail. In an interview, the following day with the record, Valentine, said that the police officers’ story version is nothing that she remembers and claims she was unaware that police officers had body cams.

She explained that she was just walking down the road of Kentfield from a friend’s apartment. The police officers then suddenly pulled over their car in front of her and got on her face. Valentine indicated that an angry police officer approached and stood right in front of her. “The cops kept on calling me Philip thinking that I was the mugger they had in mind. They did not even ask me for my identification card, and I didn’t have a jaywalking ticket”.

Valentine’s Story

The first time Valentine said she had heard of such an offense was from a reporter. She felt she was harassed for no good reason, and they disrespected her. She also said that one police officer told her right to her face that she didn’t care about Valentine being a female. Valentine was upset with the kind of treatment she received from the officer and she admits that. She even said she can’t lie that she was rude and frustrated about the fact that they came up to her.

The police officers provided a copy of the citation together with the video.  Silva’s video clip showed that she signed the jaywalking citation she was issued. The video was an evidence of an ongoing case, and it could not be released.

Valentine was again contacted by phone after learning that the video clip was different from the incident account she provided. She hung up when she was told about her account’s discrepancy.

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