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Different Crime, Different Bail Amount?

All accused persons eventually have to go to the police station for processing. The police gather the accused person’s information and enter it into the computer system. They also consult with a judge to find out if they have to ask the defendant to relinquish bail money before they let that person go.

A bail is comparable to insurance. It ensures that the defendant will show up in court when the day arises. A bail amount can be as little as $250 or it can be millions of dollars. Judges use a number of criteria when they decide to place bail on a defendant. Some of the main factors that judges look at are the defendant’s history, the nature of the crime itself and the way that the defendant might have handled previous offenses. In some cases, judges deny bail to certain defendants. Some defendants do not have to pay bail at all.

The Differences in Bail Amounts

One thing that utterly confuses many people is the difference in bail between one crime or another. For example, an assault with a deadly weapon may have a $25,000 bail, but a crime of pimping has a $35,000 bail. Murder, sex crimes with minors, and incidents that involve weapons of mass destruction are crimes that have bail amounts that are at least $1 million. Fugitives and prison escapees receive no bail, of course.

The authorities set the bail amounts by category, type of crime and more. Misdemeanors naturally do not have bail amounts that are as severe as the ones that apply to felony crimes. The least expensive bails are the ones that go with misdemeanor vehicular crimes.

Different crimes within the same category of crimes may seem like the same thing, but the bail amounts may be completely different. Crimes have different penal codes when just one element about them differs. Therefore, the difference in the bail amount between two crimes may be thousands of dollars. For example, the usual bail for arson causing G.B.I., which is penal code 451 (a), is $100,000. Penal code 451 (b), arson of an inhabited structure, however, carries a potential bail amount of $250,000. Anyone who has a bail placed on him or her should try to get a bail bond company to help. A bail bond company can provide that person with some immediate assistance and a possible release.

Getting Help With Bail Bonds

Bail bond companies are in business to help accused persons get out of jail so they can spend time with their family members before the court date. For some defendants, getting out of jail means that they can try to hold on to their jobs. A bail bond company can assist with any bail amount. The only thing bail bondsmen cannot help with is a bail denial. Either the defendant or someone else can contact the bail bond company and begin the process of trying to get bail for the person in question.

The Bail Bond Process

Bail bond applicants should have identification, some proof of income, and all the pertinent information about the defendant. The bail bond may ask the applicant to supply collateral if they believe the applicant’s profile is a little shaky. Collateral could be in the form of a house, car or some other personal property that could cover the costs if the defendant does not show up in court. The bail bond company frees the defendant from jail once the applicant provides the collateral and the fee. Fees are usually about 10 percent of the bail.

Finding a Reputable Company

What’s most important is that the applicant apply with a reputable bail bond company. The person should never rush into choosing a bail bond company because the result may be hiring a company that is unprofessional or dishonest. The best bail bondsmen in the industry can get someone out of jail within hours. These persons provide high-quality customer service, as well. An interested person con contact a reliable bail bond company by telephone, short form or drive by. The bail bondsman will be delighted to help someone bring a family member home.

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Bail Bond Rates

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