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How Do People Pay Bail?

After the amount of bail has been set, it is time for a decision to be made about how the bail bond money will be paid. If you want to get out of jail, the money will need to be turned over to the court.

The most common ways this is done is by using one of the following three methods.

Cash or Check

If the defendant is able to provide cash, they may be set free until the trial date. In order to use cash as the means to get out of jail, the defendant or others providing the cash will need to come up with the full amount. After the defendant successfully shows up for each part of the trial, the money will be returned, minus any court charges.

Using Bail Bonds

Bail bonds can be obtained through a commercial bail bond company. The courts typically permit defendants to post ten percent of the bail.

Before a defendant can be released through bail bonds, the individual or individuals producing the money will need to come up with the ten percent in cash. In some cases, the bail bonds company will require the rest of the value of the bail to be covered in the form of collateral. The collateral will need to be in the form of valuable assets to more than cover the bind money, but also any fees that the bond company will charge.

The collateral is needed in case the defendant does not show up at the court for the trial date. If that occurs, the bond company will be required to come up with the full amount of bail.

After the court date and the appearance of the defendant, the money and collateral will be returned to the people who gave it, and the bail bond company will usually take about ten percent in fees. If the defendant does not appear as expected, an arrest warrant will be issued and any collateral used becomes forfeited.

Property Bond

If the defendant owns property and is willing to use it as collateral, it can be used as a property bond. The process of using it to make bail is more complicated than the other two methods, but it can be used for bail.

When a property bond is to be used for bail, an attorney will be required to draw up any paperwork on it. Before that can be done, however, the property will need to be appraised. Most likely, the property will have to have a value equal to or greater than 150 percent of the bail. Because of the more complicated process, this type of bond can take up to about three weeks to complete.

When bail is made and the defendant is allowed to go free, certain conditions may be given. The conditions will often vary, depending on the crime, but if the conditions are broken, the defendant will be arrested and the bail is revoked.

Bail bonds are available. It is not necessary to sit in jail until your trial. If you are in need of bail, it can be arranged. Anyone can make bail for another person.

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