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How to Bail a Loved One Out

An accused person can sometimes get out of jail until the hearing date comes up if that person has someone pay his or her bail. A bail is an amount of money that a judge decides a defendant must pay because of certain circumstances.

A bail amount can be as low as $250 or as high as several million dollars. Usually, the defendants have to pay at least 10 percent of the total bail amount to get out of jail. A concerned friend or family member can help the cause by bailing the person out of jail. The following is some information on the process of bailing a friend or loved one out of jail:

About Bail Bond Companies

Bail bond companies are special types of lenders that specialize in setting captives free. They provide the financial backing for people to get out of jail. They also provide services such as pickups and transportation. The organizations will gladly help the friend or family member of a defendant who needs to get out of jail and get back to the family or the job.

Gathering the Appropriate Information

The first step that the interested person must take is gathering all pertinent information. The person will have to give the bail bondsman information about the whereabouts of the defendant and the nature of the crime. The person will also have to provide personal financial details so that the bail bond company can decide whether it can help and any stipulations that it may place on the bail bond arrangement.

Contacting the Bail Bond Company

After gathering all necessary information and documentation, the family member or friend can contact the bail bond facility by phone or an online form. Someone will contact the person and schedule an interview. Some bail bond companies offer preapprovals for their bonds over the phone, and some require the person to come to the office at a set date and time. In either case, the individual still has to show up in person and complete paperwork before the bail bondsman will free the defendant from jail.

The Paperwork

The bail bondsman must ask questions about the defendant and the applicant to find out how much of a risk is involved with helping the defendant. The bondsman may require the applicant to furnish his or her Social Security number to run a credit check on the person. The bondsman may ask the applicant the specifics of his or her job or career. The bondsman will then take all the information and come up with an answer about the bail bond deal. A regular bail bond agreement usually calls for a down payment of 10 percent of the total bail amount. For example, the applicant can pay $500, and the bail bond company will free a person who has a $5,000 bail amount.

The Concept of Collateral

In some cases, the bail bond company asks the person to furnish collateral. This may be because of the person’s financial situation or the defendant’s history with bail bonds and so forth. The company holds the collateral to ensure that the defendant shows up on the day of court. The collateral that the bondsman may ask for may consist of something such as a home deed, a vehicle title or something similar. The person must allow the bail boned company to place a lien on such property until the defendant shows up and has his or her court date.

Post-Court Happenings

All parties expect that the defendant will show up on the court date. If that does not occur, the judge will place a bench warrant out for the person, and the bail bond company may send a bounty hunter, depending on the state laws. Alternatively, the bail bond company releases collateral shortly after the trail ends if the defendant appears. The bail bond company usually returns the collateral and any additional financial collateral 30 days after the court date ends. The bail bond company will happily help the person in a future occurrence.


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