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Bail Recovery Agents: The Facts

We all make mistakes, and those who find themselves in jail are often faced with a hefty bail amount. This is because there’s no guarantee they’ll show up on their court date to determine whether or not a conviction will be made. However, they can find the relief they need in the bail bonds process.

By calling a bondsman, they can be released only paying a small percentage, often as low as ten percent, of the bond. They, in turn, promise to show up to court.

What Happens When They Don’t Show Up?

When the accused who was released through a bail bondsman fails to show up to court, 100 percent of the bond amount is then the responsibility of the person who helped them get out on a false promise. When this occurs, a bail recovery agent steps in to do the hard work. They have a number of tools at their disposal to find the person and bring them in to face their crimes even if they’ve managed to make it out of state.

How Bail Recovery Agents Work

Many in the bail recovery business have an extensive background in law enforcement, and this gives them the type of experience necessary to predict the mind of a fugitive. In the United States, bounty hunters boast an impressive success rate of between 88 and 91 percent. While proper self-defense experience is important, these professionals rely heavily on their ability to research, persuade, and even trick bail jumpers as opposed to using force. Some of the common techniques they use to find and capture fugitives include:

  • Extensive background checks to predict where they may have gone
  • Thorough checks of criminal records
  • Surveillance
  • Speaking with friends or relatives of the fugitive to try to persuade them to provide clues as to where they may be
  • Tricks such as reaching out to the fugitive and telling them they are the recipient of a prize to secure a meeting
  • Entering their property to perform a re-arrest

How Social Media Helps

Bail recovery agents now have a new tool at their disposal that all too many fugitives fail to take into consideration. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can offer all the information they need to know. For example, the fugitive may eventually post a picture of them in a location that can be tracked. They may even be tagged in a post by someone else with a geographic location conveniently included.

State Laws Vary

Every state has their own specific laws regarding how bail recovery agents are able to perform their jobs. For example, some prohibit them from making arrests. There are also commonly stipulations regarding what an agent can and cannot do while in active pursuit of a fugitive. That’s why it’s important for anyone seeking the help of a qualified recovery specialist to check that they have the proper experience and qualifications to best ensure they comply with the law.

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