Cash Bail Bonds

The bail bond experience can be a confusing and frustrating process for many individuals. Here at All-Pro Bail Bonds, we work hard to make this procedure as simple and pain-free as possible. Many find cash-only bail bonds particularly confusing. Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q: Why are cash bonds enforced?
A: Cash bonds are set by the court for a variety of reasons, oftentimes the judge requires a cash bond due to failure to pay a fine on a prior case, arrest on an out-of-jurisdictional warrant, and failure to appear before the court on a scheduled appearance. The court may require a cash-only bond in an attempt to secure a cash fine or ensure the appearance of a defendant. If the defendant or his family posts the bond, the court may opt to retain the cash as payment toward fines and court costs; for this reason, having an authorized third-party post your cash gives you a better chance of getting your money returned.

Q: What is the cash bail procedure?
A: Cash bonds may be posted at the Court during regular hours or at the jail, after hours. Cash bonds posted at the jail, must be paid with the exact dollar amount; the jail will not make a change. For bonds paid for at the jail, it may take as long as two weeks before the Court receives the cash. It is important that Defendant should carry their bond receipt to Court and inform the Judge that bail was posted on their behalf. Many times if the Court had not received the cash in time for the hearing they may attempt to arrest the defendant because there was no evidence of a bond being posted.

Q: Can I get my money back on a Failure to Appear?
A: A Failure to appear (FTA) is a charge issued by the Court when the Defendant fails to appear to a scheduled court hearing. When the Defendant Fails to Appear, the Court will schedule a Forfeiture Hearing and issue a warrant for the Defendant’s arrest. Within 45 days of Defendant’s no-show, the Court sends a summons to the Defendant and Bond Poster (Bail Bondsman), notifying them of an Order to Show Cause hearing for Bond Forfeiture. If Defendant cannot be located before the Forfeiture Hearing the bond will be forfeited. If Defendant’s non-appearance was a result of a misunderstanding or unavoidable circumstance, Defendant may be able to reschedule his/her missed hearing by contacting the Court and explaining their circumstance. If the Court is willing to reschedule, then chances are good the bond forfeiture will be canceled at the next hearing.


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