Co-signer Questions about Bail Bonds

There are dozens of questions that people often have regarding the bail bonds process. The most common questions are easily found on the Internet, but there are limited resources and information for co-signers:

Q: My friend needs me to be a co-signer, but I don’t have all the money needed. What can I do?

A: A good bondsman or agency is going to offer payment plans to cover the cost and fees to people who qualify by meeting that agency’s terms. All-Pro Bail Bonds will make payments very affordable for you. It is important that you not let a loved one stay in jail just because you assume you don’t have the money. Always call an agent to get help regarding payments.

Q: Don’t I need some kind of collateral?

A: There are some bail bonds agencies that require the arrested person or the co-signer to place collateral, but there are many bonds that can be approved with nothing more than just your signature. Be sure to ask All-Pro Bail Bonds about your options regarding collateral.

Q: How long will it take for my family member or friend to be released from jail?

A: Depending on jail release times, the bail process usually takes between 30 minutes to six hours. You must keep in mind that the bail agent cannot control how long it takes for the arrested individual’s release once the bail bond is delivered to the jail. In some instances, the arrested individual’s release may be delayed by a high number of other individuals who are also in the release process, so it is also very important for you both to be patient.

Q: Will I get my money back if I co-sign?

A: The bail bond fee is non-refundable once the arrested individual is released from jail. Fees are also non-refundable regardless of whether the courts file formal charges against the arrested person or not. If for some reason, the jail does not release the defendant after bail has been posted, the money will be refundable to the person who delivered them to the agency.

Q: What are my responsibilities as a co-signer?

A: As a co-signer, you have two main responsibilities. First, you have to demonstrate that you can guarantee the appearance of the arrested individual at his/her hearing. Second, you must demonstrate that you can pay the face amount of bail if the arrested individual does not appear for a required hearing.

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