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Crime Statistics of Fresno, CA

Fresno, California is refreshingly youthful, urban and decidedly favors travel by auto for optimum mobility. Most of Fresno is a safe, busy city among California’s large cities with a population just over 500,000 people. Fresno is a city well blended with various types of employment in industry and service. In many ways, Fresno is an average American urban hub where managers, career-minded and service-oriented individuals live in over one hundred and fifty neighborhoods of rich and poor alike.

Crime Statistics of Fresno, California
While most of Fresno is relatively low crime, crime statistics of Fresno, CA shows the highest crime rates are centrally located within the city. The safest neighborhoods lie to the far north, east and west. The violent crime rate in Fresno is slightly higher than the national average per 100,000. Robberies, thefts, auto theft, arson and burglaries rank lower than assaults in Fresno. In 2014, state records indicate there were 1,156 registered sex offenders in Fresno. By 2012, the crime rate increased in nearly each criminal category. Fresno has a higher crime rate at a ratio of 258 to 92 statewide.

Need for Bail Bonds in Fresno Increases with Higher Crimes
When a criminal is arrested for a serious crime, the court generally arrests the perpetrator in lieu of an appearance in court. In order to avoid a lengthy amount of time spent in jail, the judge may approve bail, depending on the seriousness of the crime.

A financial “bond” must be posted to insure that the criminal will appear in court. Bail is often provided by bail bond businesses and is repaid by the court when the criminal is sentenced or is judged innocent. The bail bond amount is determined by the court in relation to the severity of the crime committed.

Crime and Bail Bonds in Fresno
Since Fresno has a slightly higher crime rate than the national average, the necessity for bail bonds to be paid to the courts is higher. This is in proportion to the higher number of serious crimes. Those seeking bail need to discuss the locations of booking, court, correctional and treatment centers with licensed, professional bail bonds businesses. Also, certain personal information needs to be provided as proof of identity, age, citizenship and ability to pay the required percentage, according to California bail bond laws. Most bail bonds businesses require a certain percentage down as a deposit to begin the process of bail paperwork. In addition, some bail bonds businesses require a co-signer to insure bail will be recovered after the court decides on a verdict.

In most cases, bail experts expedite the paperwork in accordance with the time frame of the court appearance and demand for bail by the court. In most cases, bail submittal is demanded as soon as the judge decides the bail amount. This is one reason those requiring bail bonds in Fresno should engage their bail bond expert before their court appearance.

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Bail Bond Rates

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