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drug charges bail bondsBeing arrested is never a positive experience, but the most frustrating part in the beginning can be bailing out of jail. This is especially true for individuals charged with drug offenses. All court systems are very serious about prosecuting drug charges and often set a strict court policy concerning releasing new defendants. All states do not allow bail bonding agencies, but there are still some that allow third-party bonding agencies to provide bail for those who qualify through the bonding application process.

States allowing bonding agencies can be much better court systems than those that do not. The defendant is absolutely at the mercy of the state when qualifying for bond in a restricted bonding state. A zealous prosecutor can be problematic. In states that do allow bonding agencies, the agency can provide excellent information in helping the defendant find an experienced and effective lawyer to handle the case. Many defendants do not know an attorney personally, and the personal information that qualified the defendant for bond can be a positive when looking for representation.

Bail Bonds for a Drug Charge

There are some definite financial advantages in a third-party jail bonding state when dealing with the court. Bonds are paid on percentage service fee in most cases, even though some form of security is requested in high profile cases. Many drug charges are prosecuted as felonies, which means that bond amounts are always high. Even a simple misdemeanor charge can create bonding issues. Qualifying for bond can help for a possible bond reduction in some cases, although this must be done by the attorney.

Being charged with a drug offense in a third-party bonding state also allows the defendant to use personal financial resources to retain an attorney while paying the bond service fee. In addition, all court systems tend to move slowly, especially in strongly defended cases, and there may be a significant amount of time lapsed by the day of a trial.

Court systems do not like trials and will work with the attorneys to maintain a minimum, all benefiting the defendant. Arrests made on borderline evidence or processed illegally can be dismissed completely, depending on material case facts, but this rarely happens when the defendant has been in jail while awaiting trial. Conviction records have generally shown that most drug charges are low to moderate in seriousness and often result in misdemeanor case settlements. Having a reputable agency providing bond and a solid legal counsel can help minimize damage to a defendant’s criminal history, often keeping a charge below the felony threshold.

It is true that the monetary amount of jail bonds can be excessive in drug cases, but individuals with the proper credentials and resources can also be bonded in high bond cases. Do not let the bond amount be a deterrent to applying for release. There are still advantages to applying. Anyone facing a drug charge, regardless of bond amount, should send a family member to discuss their case with a bonding agent, if necessary. In many states, the agency maintains an office near the jail and an interview may be scheduled immediately at the jail.

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Bail Bond Rates

In general, the standard industry rate for bail bonds is 10% of the face amount of bail. For example, if the face amount of bail is $10,000, the fee is $1,000. Read More


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