How to Expedite the Bail Process

Anyone who has a loved one who’s locked up, and trying to expedite their release should understand the bail process. No one wants the phone call that says their loved one has been arrested, but after the phone call gets received, they can take a few steps to help him or her get out of jail. Luckily, the California bail bonds process is quite straightforward, and he can hire a bail bondsman to help with getting a loved one out of jail.

How the Bail Bonds Process Works

When people understand how to get released on cash bail, they can make the process much faster. This will free a loved one from jail. Before the California bail bonds process can begin, first the defendant will have to have his bail amount set. In most of the cases, once someone has been arrested, they will be booked before incarceration in the local jail. After they have been booked, they will normally appear in front of a local judge who sets the bail amount. Once this happens, family members might hire a bail bondsman who will put the cash down for the release.

Can You Bail Yourself out of Jail?

Some people might be wondering, “Can you bail yourself out of jail?” If the accused has the ability to bail themselves out at the time of their arrest, they can do this, but because bail cash is bail, they will need the full amount, which can be quite high. When it’s not possible, people might hire a bail bonds company to get the person released on cash bail.

What’s Needed to Secure the Bond?

Documents for bail are extraordinarily important to get released on surety bond. A bail bondsman California company will need:

  • The full legal name
  • Charges
  • Date of birth
  • Location of the jail
  • ID number
  • The set bail amount
  • The conditions of the arrest

Arriving with the proper documents for bail is important because without them, an individual won’t get far. They will have to fill out the bail application, but after the information on the bail application has been filled out, the agent will work fast to get the loved one released on surety bond.

California Bail Bond Laws and Regulations

After the application process has been completed, the only thing that an individual will have to do is pay the fees requested. Typically, a person will be asked to pay 10 percent of the bail bond. The online bail bondsman will lay cash down on the rest of the bail bond to get him or her released on bail. It will be required that the defendant shows up in court on the scheduled date.

Expediting the Bail Process

Unfortunately, the actual release date of the defendant will depend on circumstances out of the hands of the individual. Their best bet for a quick release is to work with an online bail bondsman and give the correct bail documents so that they can be released. The deciding factors of a release depend on the crowding of the jail and what the individual has been charged with. For example, a felony charge can take up to a week before the individual will get released on bail.

Explaining the Process

A good bail bonds company will have the ability to get a person released on bail as quickly as possible. They will answer questions to help people understand how the process works and what they can do to make it easier for their loved one.

If an individual wants to expedite the bail process, they should have a thorough understanding of California bail bond laws and regulations. Knowing what to expect and how to give the correct documentation as quickly as possible will help to get a loved one released more quickly. While not required, visiting a bail bondsman in person can sometimes help to expedite the process because it helps an individual to understand what happens next and what their responsibilities will be for bailing them out. If they have chosen to go the online route, they might call the bail bondsman California company over the phone instead.

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Bail Bond Rates

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