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How Bail Works at All-Pro

Being arrested and having to sit in jail can be a very traumatic experience. Fortunately, there is a way to get out of jail while awaiting a trial. It involves paying the bail set by the court. If the bail amount is too high to be paid with cash, then All-Pro Bail Bonds can help. Here is how the bail works at All-Pro.

Contacting a Bond Agent

The first step is contacting a bond agent at All-Pro. Gather up information about the person in jail and call the bail bond agency. The basic information needed is the name of the person, the general time of the arrest and the charges. Additionally, the amount of the bail is necessary. It will help to know what jail the person is located in although this can be found out later. The bond agent will explain the entire process and describe any confusing legal terms so that everything is clear. It is usually necessary to show up at the agency in person to sign paperwork. The bond agent can sometimes provide a ride to the agency or jail under certain circumstances.

Paying the Fee

The next step is paying the fee. All-Pro Bail Bonds charge a fee that is between 8 percent and 10 percent of the total amount of bail. This is a non-refundable fee for the services provided. The fee can be paid in a variety of ways. It can be paid with a credit card, check or cash. It is also possible to finance payment for very large bonds through All-Pro. Rarely, it might be necessary to provide some type of collateral to secure the bond if the amount is excessively high or the defendant has a long criminal history.

Getting the Defendant Released

Once the bond is posted by All-Pro, the process of getting the defendant released from jail begins. This can take as little as 30 minutes if there are no complications. It could take up to six hours if the jail is busy. The defendant will be taken to the front of the jail and then released with everything the person arrived with previously. The defendant is free to go home at this point.

Responsibilities Once Out Of Jail

The defendant and co-signer of the bond must meet some responsibilities after release. The main responsibility is ensuring the defendant shows up in court for all of the hearing dates related to the case. The defendant must be present and on time without fail. Additionally, if there were any release conditions such as not drinking alcohol, then the defendant must not violate those terms. If the defendant flees or commits a crime, then there could be serious consequences such as a bail agent seeking out the person or extra fees to cover the full cost of bail.

The End of the Trial

The bail bond is finished when the trial ends. If collateral was used to secure the bond, then this will be returned to the defendant or co-signer as appropriate. This will happen regardless of the verdict as long as there were no problems. All responsibilities to the court, All-Pro and the defendant are gone once the trial is completed.

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