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I’ve been arrested! What do I do now?

Anybody can get arrested for any number of reasons. If you’re being taken into custody, know how to protect your rights and act accordingly in order to be able to call a good bondsman to get you out of jail.

Don’t remain completely silent

The fact that you remained completely silent after an arrest can be used against you. Be cooperative, and provide basic information like your full name, address and phone number. If the police have the wrong guy, tell them. If you didn’t commit a crime, tell them that too, but don’t remain completely silent.

Don’t resist

Any resistance is only going to make a bad situation worse. Even turning and taking two steps away can result in a charge of resisting arrest. You’re going to be arrested anyway, so there’s no need in any additional charges. Police are much more likely to get physical if you resist. You don’t want the situation to escalate.

Ask for an attorney

Don’t believe them when police tell you they’ll make it easier on you if you give them a statement. They only want a confession. Invoke your 5th Amendment right to an attorney, and tell the police that you don’t want to answer any questions about the crime alleged without the benefit of an attorney. You won’t be treated any differently by doing so. In one way or another, by agreeing to speak about the alleged crime without an attorney present, you’ll probably end up hurting yourself. Once you’ve asked to speak with an attorney, police shouldn’t be asking you any other questions.

Notify family

At one time or another early in custody, you’ll be permitted to make at least a couple of phone calls. Notify your family or somebody close to you of what county you’re in custody at and what you’re charged with. Ask them to arrange for a bail bond.

Don’t talk to anybody else

Police might secretly tape any conversations you may have while you’re in custody. Potentially incriminating statements might be used against you in the future.

Call a bail bondsman

After being arrested, you have the right to a bail bond hearing in front of a judge, but you don’t know when that hearing will be. You might await that hearing overnight into the next afternoon or for an entire weekend. By contacting All-Pro Bail Bonds, your release can be arranged efficiently and quickly, and you’re able to take the risk factor of having to go before a judge completely out of the process. You’re going to be paying to get released from custody anyway, so get it done as soon as possible with All-Pro Bail Bonds. You can get released and back to your family and job in a matter of hours rather than days. Our premium rates are consistent with applicable state laws, and discounts are available for qualified union members and military personnel. We have 20 locations that are open 24 hours a day seven days a week. Attractive financing options are also available.

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