Lodi Jail

The city of Lodi has maintained a jail since 1914. Over time, the jail has changed locations along with the growth of the city. In 1965, the Lodi City Jail was moved to a then state-of-the-art public safety building which housed the police and fire departments. The most recent structure for the Lodi City Jail was dedicated on December 22, 2003. Located at 215 Elm Street, this latest facility spans approximately 59,000 square feet of which 51,000 square feet is devoted to police and jail services. The new facility provides clean, safe accommodations for prisoners within secure confines.

The Lodi Police Department covers all three of Lodi’s districts and five patrol beats. Their goal is to get to know the citizens of each district and build relationships that will help to prevent crime before it occurs. The department has 78 sworn full-time officers and four sworn part-time officers. There are also 47 non-sworn staff members who help oversee clerical, administrative and maintenance duties.

The Lodi Police Department also encourages citizen participation. As such there are 108 community volunteers who help the police department with civic activities. Of these, 85 are Partners who go through 40 hours of training about crime prevention techniques. The Cadet program is for youth 16-24 years of age who are interested in exploring the field of law enforcement. Currently, 15 young people are participating in the Cadet program. In addition, there are eight chaplains who provide moral and spiritual encouragement for inmates, staff, and families.

What Inmates Experience at the Lodi City Jail

The Lodi City Jail is known as a Type I facility. According to the California Department of Corrections Title 15, Type I facilities are local detention centers not meant to house prisoners more than 96 hours after booking except over holidays. If prisoners are to be held longer than 96 hours, they are remanded to larger regional facilities. Typically, this is not a problem for the Lodi City Jail as its primary purpose is to hold inmates immediately prior to court date appearances.

Up to 20 inmates can be housed at the Lodi City Jail with separate holding cells for men and women. The jail also has two sobering cells for inmates who arrive significantly impaired by the influences of drugs or alcohol. These are protected environments where intoxicated inmates can remain safe and not have the opportunity to harm themselves or others. Once inmates are sober they are moved to regular holding cells until release or sentencing.

When an inmate arrives at the Lodi City Jail he or she will be booked accordingly. Dispatchers at the jail also act as the booking officers. The booking process entails:

Logging in any property removed from the inmate when booked.

Completing a medical screening questionnaire to document any health or safety concerns.

Fingerprinting the inmate.

Assigning the inmate to a cell and providing meals and other necessities as required.

For guidelines about visiting Lodi City Jail inmates, contact the Lodi City Police Department.

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