San Bernardino Bail Bond Proposal

San Bernardino Proposal Would Charge Bail Agencies

San Bernardino, California – The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors are considering a proposal to charge bail bond agencies a fee for posting jail board ads in the county detention facilities.

Currently, all San Bernardino County jails provide a jail board, which alphabetically lists the services of local bail bond agencies approved by the California Board of Insurance. San Bernardino County jails presently feature a list of 135 bail bond agencies, none of which are charged for posting their jail board ad.

The proposed ordinance would require bail bond agencies to be charged $50 per month for each ad posted in the four-county jails, as well as $10 per month for each ad posted at the sheriff stations. A sheriff’s custody specialist would be responsible for monitoring the jail board list, verifying licensees, printing list updates, and collecting fees. If implemented, the proposal would generate $97,200 annually.


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