Types of Jails

For many unfamiliar with the California prison and jail system, the classification of jails can be confusing. The following are the definitions for the various classifications of jails found within the state of California:

A local detention facility used for the detention of persons for not more than 96 hours, excluding holidays, after booking. Such a Type I facility may also detain persons on court order either for their own safekeeping or sentenced to a city jail as an inmate worker, and may house inmate workers sentenced to the county jail provided such placement in the facility is made on a voluntary basis on the part of the inmate. As used in this section, an inmate worker is defined as a person assigned to perform designated tasks outside of his/her cell or dormitory, pursuant to the written policy of the facility, for a minimum of four hours each day on a five-day scheduled work week.

A local detention facility used for the detention of persons pending arraignment, during trial and upon a sentence of commitment.

A local detention facility used only for the detention of convicted and sentenced persons.

A local detention facility or portion thereof designated for the housing of inmates eligible under Penal Code Section 1208 for work/education furlough and/or other programs involving inmate access into the community.

For more information, visit http://www.cdcr.ca.gov/.

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