Visalia Bail Bond Questions and Answers

Some of the most important questions regarding a Visalia bail bond go unanswered for the co-signer and for anyone else who faces the situation of needing one for themselves or someone else. It is important that everyone has the facts they need to clearly understand the process. Here are some questions that are important but are often not covered when it concerns the Visalia bail bond process:

How long does an arrested person have to appear in court before the bond must be paid?
In California, the law allows the bail agent one year (360 days) to return the arrested person to the court before the bond has to be paid. If that person does not return to court, a co-signer can call the bond agency and ask for a bail bond reinstatement. This is going to allow the person who was arrested to return to the court without being arrested again to resume his or her case.

What is the arrested person responsible for?
The person who has been arrested and/or accused must appear in court for all required hearings. In addition, some people may also be accountable for paying the fees that are due for the bond as well.

What if the person who was arrested misses court?
If the person misses a hearing he or she was ordered to attend, the most important thing to do right away is call the bondsman. A bail reinstatement notice from the agent to the court will state that the arrested person does plan to voluntarily return to the court and put the matter back on the calendar. It also will state that the bondsman agrees to still remain responsible for the bond.

Can I post bail for an outstanding arrest warrant?
If you, a friend, family member or co-worker has an outstanding warrant for arrest, you or they can avoid the inconvenience of being arrested by contacting an agent for a Visalia bail bond to walk the warrant through the sheriff’s department or the police department. Most of the time, you are not going to have to be present, and the bail bondsman can call you and inform of the court date. If you ever need any more information or answers regarding these questions about Visalia bail bonds, be sure that you give an All-Pro Bail Bonds agent in the area a call as soon as possible to get everything squared away.

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