Vista Detention Facility

Have you or a loved one been arraigned at the Vista Detention Facility? The following is a step-by-step guide which outlines the basics about the Vista Detention Facility as well as what to expect regarding visitation hours:

325 S. Melrose Dr., Ste. 200
Vista, CA 92081
(760) 940-4473

The Vista Detention Facility, also known as the VDF, is utilized as the primary point of intake for both male and female inmates in north San Diego County. Classified as a Type II Facility by the California Corrections Standards Authority, VDF receives pre-trial arrestees on both felony and misdemeanor charges, with the bulk of the prisoners consisting of people waiting for North County case court proceedings. The facility has a CSA-rated capacity of 820 beds and was opened in 1978.

Visiting Hours:
Vista Detention Facility inmates are allowed two social visits per week, with the weekly calendar beginning on Sundays and ending on Saturdays. Social visits are without contact, made through a visit window using telephone handsets. All inmate visiting hours can be scheduled one day in advance by calling Tuesday through Saturday from 7:30 – 11:30 a.m. To schedule an appointment, call one of the following numbers within your area code: 619-531-3200 or 858-694-3200 or 760-940-4473. When calling for a visit reservation, be sure to have the following information handy: 1) Full name, 2) Date of birth, 3) Home address and 4) Telephone number.

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