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Aggravated Assault, Assault & Battery

Judges sometimes set bail amounts when the crime of which the defendant is being accused is extreme in nature. You may need to hire a bail bond company if you have trouble paying the amount that the judge has requested you to pay to get out of jail.

A bail bond company is a special lender that provides the funds that buy your freedom from behind bars. You can receive help with your bail by contacting a reliable office. You can explain that you have been convicted of assault, battery or aggravated assault when the prospective bondsman asks you about your crime.

The Differences Between Assault, Battery and Aggravated Assault

Many people use the terms assault and battery as if they are interchangeable. Such terms are not interchangeable because they have elements in their definitions that make them distinct. The crimes have different penalties, as well. Aggravated assault is a completely different level of injury. It takes a simple case of assault into another realm of realization and punishment. You must explain to your bail bondsman the correct crime of which you have been accused because that person needs to know where he or she stands.

The Crime of Assault

The crime of assault has to do with placing fear in the heart of another person by making threats, gestures or suggestions. The assaulter does not have to physically touch the other person for him or her to be guilty of assault. The person just has to do or say something that genuinely makes another person feel as if he or she is in danger of bodily harm. An example is a store owner who tells a customer that he is going to slap her silly if she doesn’t get out of his store. The store owner committed assault no matter what the circumstances are that surround the threat. The offender could go to jail if the customer feared that she was in danger of bodily harm.

The Crime of Battery

Battery is the crime of hurting someone physically. Battery would have occurred if the store owner from the previous paragraph decided to follow up on his threat to slap the customer. Courts and legal specialists sometimes refer to the crime of battery as “assault and battery.” Some even refer to it as assault. People should understand them as separated crimes, however, because they are. They do not always occur together, although it is very common for a person to make threats and then follow through with them.

The Crime of Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault cases have elements in them that make them significantly more serious than simple assault acts are. For example, the court would consider assault with the back of a gun or assault with a beer bottle as aggravated assault. Simple assault can get bumped to aggravated assault if the assailant intends to rape the person, as well. Furthermore, people who are in certain relationships have a protected status. If the offender harms someone who is within a protected class, then the crime may be bumped to aggravated assault. Elderly persons and children are examples of people whose harm would call for a harsher crime classification.

Penalties for the Crimes

The penalties for the previously stated crimes vary according to the state, the offender’s criminal history and the degree of damages. Misdemeanor assault charges usually carry a penalty of up to one year. Aggravated assault can leave someone in jail for several decades. Some states issue life sentences for aggravated assault. An approximate penalty for aggravated assault is one to 20 years.

Contact a Bail Bond Company and an Attorney

If you are dealing with accusations of any of the above-stated crimes, you will want to contact a good bail bond company and a good lawyer. You will need both parties to help you get your life back together. The bail bond company can get you out of jail so that you can continue to work and be with your family while you are waiting for your case to proceed. The attorney can try to get you a dismissal, acquittal or a significantly reduced sentence.

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