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All About Your Drivers License

It is important to protect a drivers license with safe driving practices.

Drivers who operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs are likely to not only lose their license, but end up in jail. Then it will be necessary to contact a bail bondsman. They will have to pay cash to a bondsman, and the bondsman will post a bond so the accused can get out of jail. This is to ensure that they will show up in court to answer the charges.

There are a lot of responsibilities that come with possessing a drivers license. The following frequently asked questions will help drivers understand some of these responsibilities.

How can a drivers license be revoked or suspended?

There are several reasons a state can suspend or revoke a drivers license. If the driver is found guilty of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they can lose their license temporarily. If the driver is a repeat offender they can lose their license permanently. Driving recklessly or speeding can result in the loss of a drivers license. Unpaid tickets for driving offenses, not maintaining the state’s requirement for auto insurance, and unpaid child support are a few more reasons driving privileges can be revoked or suspended.

What happens if someone drives while their license is revoked or suspended?

Generally, if someone is caught driving on a suspended or revoked license they will be arrested. The penalty could include a substantial fine and/or time in jail. If the reason for the revocation or suspension was driving under the influence the punishment will be more severe.

Is a drivers license only good in the issuing state?

A drivers license is good in all states. The exception is those age 15 to 18. States have different age limits for obtaining a drivers license. If a young drivers gets a license at 15 in their home state and wants to drive in another state that has a higher legal age for driving, they should check with the motor vehicle department in that state. They can make certain that they are not breaking the law by driving there.

If a person visits another country, they should be able to use their license there as well. It is best to contact the embassy of the country and ask. If they will be in the country for a prolonged period they will need to see if it necessary to obtain a license there.

What are points and how do they affect a drivers license?

Most states assign points for violations that include moving violations such as speeding, running a stop sign, illegal turns, and others that occur when the vehicle is in motion. The amount of points given for each violation depends on the state. Some states only give one for lesser violations such as an illegal turn while they may give three or more for speeding.

After receiving a certain number of points in one, two, or three years their drivers license will be suspended. The suspension can be from 30 days to a year or more depending on the state. In addition, they may have to pay fines, and some insurance companies raise premiums for drivers who accumulate too many points.

What if a drivers license if suspended or revoked and the driver needs it for employment purposes?

In many states when driving privileges are suspended or revoked and a person needs to drive for employment purposes, they may qualify for a Limited Driving Privilege (LDP). The LDP is also called a “hardship license”. The situations and hours when the person can drive are limited, and everyone is not eligible. If they committed a felony that involved an automobile, they likely will not be eligible for the LDP. Should the person be stopped driving during hours other than the approved hours, they can be subject to jail time and further revocation. The laws differ from state to state.

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