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Arrested For Possession Of Drugs In California

California is one of the nation’s largest by area. It’s also the nation’s largest state by population. In addition, the state is also a magnet for tourism. This is why it is crucial to be aware of all California state laws. California drug possession laws, in particular, can be quite complicated. Any visitor or resident may need to make use of the services of a bail company should they find themselves facing Possession of Drugs Charges. Drug crime bail bonds can help provide the assistance clients need under these circumstances to avoid any further disruptions in their lives. It is still possible to have bail from drug crime bail bonds if arrested.

Two Categories:

Like many other states, California drug possession laws encompass two categories. The first is simple possession. The second is possession is arrested with intent to sell. People should be aware that the California Health and Safety Code makes a distinction between possession of marijuana and possession of more restricted dangerous drugs. The California health and safety code also has specific penalties for both methamphetamine and PCP.

Simple Possession:

This is a simple category. The police or other law enforcement authorities find possession for sale of a controlled substance. They may do as part of an overall search for other issues or just as part of a search for possession of marijuana or possession of restricted dangerous drugs. In that case, the drug issue may be considered by itself and the defendant may not face any additional charges. However, it can still be a good idea to hire a lawyer to make sure the defendant understands the penalties for drug possession in the state as applied to their personal case.

New Laws:

All those who are facing drug charges such as possession of concentrated cannabis or possession for sale of any controlled substance should be aware of that California state laws have changed in the last few years. Under these new laws, formerly often harsh penalties for drug possession in the state are now considered only misdemeanors rather than felony drug charges. Even those in jail are now allowed to petition the courts to consider new sentences and possibly even let them out after their time is up.

Marijuana Laws:

The new laws also mean that recreational marijuana decriminalized is now a fact. People can have possession of concentrated cannabis up to eight grams. They are free to use it at home or in places that have been licensed to allow for legal marijuana use. They are also free, thanks to recreational marijuana decriminalized to purchase, keep and consume up to about twenty-eight grams of marijuana on hand in certain places.

Illegal in Other Places:

While it is legal to have marijuana in certain places, it still carries the potential for a problem in others. A felony drug conviction can cause serious issues so it is best to be aware of this when using this drug as a resident or as someone visiting the state. People cannot use marijuana while they driving nor can they use it while they are in a place where tobacco is not allowed such as certain outdoor spaces and at work. They are also not allowed to use it while they are around minors or engaged in Possession of Drugs & dealing with children. If the defendant is over eighteen and selling to a minor, they can be convicted of a felony.

Possible Felonies:

A person can be charged with a felony drug conviction if they are facing serious charges such as selling meth, PCP or other drugs to a minor. In that case, they may be arrested by the police. Then they will be booked and jailed. The court system will follow up with evidence indicating what they’ve done by the state. After a period of time, then the officials move forward with their case in front of a judge. This is a serious violation. Drug crimes bail bonds can get someone out of jail temporarily as they wait for their case to be finished. However, if they are found guilty, penalties can be severe. A defendant in the court system may face decades in jail because of a conviction of this kind.

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