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CA Gun Control

For anyone that’s been jailed in California for a gun charge of any kind, the most important thing to be aware of is the bail bond process and what it entails.

In the state of California, once a persons bail has been set by a judge, they will be temporarily released while awaiting trial, though the bail bonds must first be paid before this occurs. Gun control laws differ by state. For anyone that owns a gun, it’s essential that they understand the CA gun control laws. This will allow gun owners to avoid making a mistake and facing criminal charges due to this mistake.

Illegal Arms and Waiting Period

There is a vast selection of illegal guns and types of guns that are banned in the state of California, as CA has some of the strictest gun control laws in the U.S. The cane gun, wallet gun and zip gun are illegal, as is a short-barreled rifle or shotgun, any bullet with an explosive agent and any pistol that could be classified as unconventional. Any trigger activator that’s multi-burst is also illegal in California, as is any firearm that’s undetectable. These are the only current bans on weapons in California, though updates to list list do occur on a semi-regular basis. The state also has a standard waiting period of ten days for ownership of a gun.

Who Isn’t Allowed to Own

When it comes to people that aren’t allowed to own weapons in California, this can be divided into three sections, a five-year ban, a ten-year ban and a lifetime ban. A five year band is applied to anyone that is taken into custody for being a danger to themselves or others, as well as people that are admitted to a mental health facility. For the latter, this five-year band can transition into a life-time ban in certain situations.

Ten-year bans are applied to any person that is convicted of a misdemeanor for select violent crimes, including domestic violence and assault and battery. As for a lifetime ban, anyone that has been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor mentioned within Penal code sections of 29900 and 29905 is given a lifetime ban on owning guns. This lifetime ban also applies to someone that is a mentally disordered sex offender, anyone found incompetent to stand trial and anyone that is found not guilty of a crime due to insanity.

Concealed Carry and Open Carry Laws

In the state of California, the state is known as a “may issue” state when it comes to concealed carry. This means that the license to carry a concealed firearm is either denied or issued to applicants by a county sheriff or chief of police where the applicant is from. This decision is entirely at the discretion of the person issuing the license. Carrying a weapon in this manner without first receiving a license for conceal carry brings with it a misdemeanor charge of at least 90 days in jail. Depending on additional factors, this misdemeanor could change to a felony.

As for open carry, the laws in California can be difficult to decipher, as some actually contradict others. For instance, open carry of a firearm, either loaded or unloaded, is typically prohibited in public areas. However, it could be allowed in more rural areas that are unincorporated. The primary issue lies within the fact that open carry is allowed in public if a person believes that they are in immediate or grave danger. Even if this is the case, law enforcement typically questions anyone they see carrying a gun in populated places.

Additional Laws

There are some other gun control laws that everyone should be aware of. For instance, California law prohibits firearms on school grounds. If someone is found with a gun on school property, they will undoubtedly be charged with a felony. California is also one of the few states that allows the police to basically confiscate any guns owned by what they believe is a high-risk individual for up to three weeks. This can be done without a warrant or court order, which has been the case since September, 2014.

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