California Child Abuse Laws

California Child Abuse Laws

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Child Abuse Charges California

Several types of child abuse are recognized in the state of California including physical abuse, mental or emotional abuse, sexual abuse neglect, and substance abuse. Child abuse can take many different forms and pertains to anything done to cause immediate harm to a child either overtly or covertly. In California and all other states, child abuse is recognized as a serious crime. Many abused children experience deep and profound psychological problems that trouble them the rest of their lives. All types of child abuse are a serious and punishable offense. It is up to the court to look at all evidence and decide a defendant’s punishment.

California Penal Code 273d PC

This penal code is also known as the California child endangerment laws. Anyone who inflicts cruel and inhumane punishment on a child, that results in injury or trauma, violates California Penal Code 273d PC commits a felony and faces serious child abuse charges. California Penal Code 273d PC states that it is illegal for a person to participate in cruel or unusual punishment that results in injuries to a child. Depending upon the severity of the punishment, the perpetrator may be charged with either a felony or a misdemeanor under the California child endangerment laws.

Exploitation of a Child

When an adult profits from using a child for labor, power, or some other reasons that bring financial advantage, the person responsible can face child abuse charges California. Children are protected by federal laws against sexual abuse and physical abuse that is regarded as exploitation of a child. Sexual exploitation of a child may include rape, incest, and forced participation in pornography or even sexual slavery. These perpetrators are subject to punishment for child abuse and other serious punishable crimes.

California Punishment for Child Abuse

Physical abuse, sexual abuse, assault, or any mental or emotional abuse in children are punishable crimes in California. Any assault that includes hitting, kicking, or punching that results in physical injury to a child violates California child endangerment laws. Anyone who causes or allows a child to be harmed in any way is subject to prosecution in California. Those charged with felony child abuse can face up to six years imprisonment, mandatory child abuser’s treatment and counseling program, and possibly 48 months minimum probation.

Penal Code 11164

Penal Code 11164 protects children by requiring adults to report all instances of neglect, physical injury, or emotional abuse in children to the proper authorities. Professionals are regarded as mandatory reporters for the identification of child abuse. Under California law, educational personnel, social workers, members of the clergy, daycare workers, police, and medical professionals are among those who are required to report the identification of child abuse within 36 hours after learning of the situation.

Mandatory Reporting Laws in California

Anyone who is aware of child abuse or exploitation faces punishment for failing to report unlawful sexual activities of a minor child. If an adult is aware of abuse of a child that may include oral copulation, penetration with a foreign object, or other lewd acts with a child and does not report it, that adult may face serious jail time.

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