California Gun Control Law 2019

California Gun Control Law 2019

The State of California passed a number of new gun laws in 2019 and everybody who knew about them had the same thing to say about them: They are tough. In fact, they are among the toughest in the country, which should surprise no on one, according to those in charge of laws and keeping the peace. For instance, in 1989, California became the first state to ban assault weapons after five students died in a shootout at an elementary school in Stockton. To obtain a firearm in California, you must pass a written test and wait 10 days after the sale to get delivery. The state also has a red flag law, which prohibits Possession of firearms by an individual.

The State of California has been getting tough on gun possession for a long time. The so-called “modern” gun debate began in 1967 after members of the Black Panther party “invaded” the capital city of Sacramento carrying shotguns and handguns. At the same time, California – and most states – had few restrictions on gun possession. Soon after the “Black Panther invasion,” then-Governor Ronald Reagan signed a bill that banned the “open carry of firearms.”

Do you live in California or are you planning to move there? Are you interested in owning guns and/or making sure they are safety and correctly used? In either cases, learn about California’s new or changed laws that govern the selection and use of firearms in the State. Become familiar with the following new or changed laws or government actions that will decide how and why you can carry a gun and how and why you can use it.

They include:

  • SB 1200
  • Gun Violence Restraining Order
  • New gun control laws 2019
  • Handgun Safety Certificate
  • How to obtain a gun violence restraining order
  • SB 1100
  • Federal Firearms License
  • Purchase of guns
  • Domestic violence
  • Possession of firearms

Gun Restrictions

New gun restrictions that control the laws of California in 2019 also target the possession of firearms. For instance, SB 1100 raises the age to buy legal firearms in the state to 21 from age 18. Anyone convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence after January 1, 2019 now has a lifetime ban against the Purchase of gun and gun ownership. AB 2100 demands that the proposed owner must have at least eight hours of gun safety training and must show these skills at a firing range. Proposition 63, which was passed in 1916 but only goes into effect in 2019, requires gun dealers to check with the state’s Department of justice to make sure that the potential buyer is not on the California restricted list.

Handgun Safety Certificate

If you want to carry a gun legally in the State of California, you must obtain a handgun safety certificate. To do so, you must take the written exam that is issued at the local gun store where you bought the gun.

Gun Violence Restraining Order

If you live in California and become concerned because someone close to you is carrying a gun, you can ask for a restraining order against that person. It can be obtained by going to court and requesting the order or by calling the police for an investigation. The person you name must be a close relative such as a spouse or someone who has lived in your house for at least the last six months.

This person must own guns or is trying tog et them. You must file a request and fill out certain forms, which the named person can see. The forms will be filed in court. If as a result of your filing the restraining order is granted, the “restrained” person will be served and a court hearing will be granted.

With these new laws and expanding old restrictions, such as SB 1200, new gun control laws 2019, tougher methods to obtain a Federal Firearms License, constraints on the purchase of guns, or how to obtain a gun violence restraining order, the State of California expects to build a safer living environment for all its citizens.

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