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Can You Drink at the Beach?

Now that the summer is here, many people want to add a bit of warm weather libations to their summer celebration.

Add to this that many beaches are excellent places to relax and take in some sun and it’s understandable why many people wonder, “Can you drink alcohol at the beach?”

Simply put, the answer really depends on the beach and the area of the country. While many public beaches do have laws against drinking alcohol from open containers, many others actually have laws which allow beachgoers to drink while they sunbathe. Fortunately, for those caught drinking at beaches that don’t permit drinking, there is a relatively easy and fair process for bail bonds that can help mitigate some of the stress and strain.

That being said, what are some of the beaches that beachgoers can legally drink on in the United States? In this guide, some of the most popular beaches to drink will be outlined so that visitors can avoid getting into trouble with the law.

Panama City Beach, Florida
This spring break-friendly beach is also a beach where revelers can drink somewhat legally during the vacation season. While it’s admittedly true that alcohol was banned during the month March on the beach, this ruling was just put into place to help curb the wilder spring breakers. During every other month of the year, beachgoers can drink freely – as long as their behavior doesn’t get out of hand, at which point, the beach patrol may get involved. Also, keep in mind that if beachgoers want to drink on the beach, they cannot drink from a glass bottle; this rule is just there to protect the shoreline from broken glass.

Malibu Paradise Cove, California
California beaches are some of the most iconic, surf-friendly beaches available, and many beachgoers have memories of drinking a brew and surfing the pipe. If sunbathers are planning on drinking a beer or two at Malibu Paradise Cove, then they can with very minimal restriction; they just need to make sure that drinking wine, beer, or champagne is the only type of drinking being done. The beach even opens up during the wee hours, so revelers can surf and drink all day if that’s what they want to do.

Kehoe Beach, California
It takes a bit to actually reach the beach at Kehoe; in fact, just to get to Kehoe Beach, visitors have to hike about a half of a mile through marshes and dunes. That being said, once the beach has been reached, there are very little alcohol regulations in effect, with the notable exception of the beach’s ban on kegs. It’s also worth noting that since reaching the beach requires a hike, it’s best for beachgoers to remember that they will have to actually hike back in order to get to their cars, which means that drinking too much can be problematic.

Coast Guard Beach, Massachusetts
While only residents of the area can actually park at the parking lots near Coast Guard Beach in Massachusetts, it’s still a very beautiful beach to visit along the Cape Cod National Seashore. In addition to its beauty, like all of the beaches in this region of the state, drinking is perfectly legal. Coast Guard Beach stands out from the other beaches in the area because of the fact that the walk to the beach is actually very beautiful and visitors to Coast Guard Beach can also witness a startling amount of wildlife in the marshier areas of the beach.

Cumberland Island, Georgia
It’s perfectly legal to drink at Georgia’s Cumberland Island, but it’s important to also remember that in order to simply get to the beach, visitors will have to ride a ferry or rent a private boat. This means that in order to drink there, beachgoers should definitely bring enough liquor to last for the entire day, especially since there are no stores that can replenish drinks on the island. One of the better features of this picturesque island is the presence of herds of wild horses that run around the island during the year.

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