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Car Accident Tips

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates millions of car crashes in the U.S. each year according to police reports.

Personal injury claims add stress and complication to a collision, especially if one driver is accused of being negligent. Understanding the basics of car accidents and the actions to take when involved in a crash improve the chances of a full physical and financial recovery.

Addressing the Immediate Concerns

A poor judgement call like driving under the influence can lead to the events of a car accident. An arrest made at the scene needs to be addressed quickly so that the defendant can get out of jail quickly. The bail amount will be set based on the circumstances of an arrest, but most cannot afford to spend the extra money. Fortunately, bail bonds are available around the clock to help those without the funds to be released from police custody. A percentage of the total must be paid to the bond agency with the signing of a contract that states your agreement to appear in court. If any collateral is needed to finalize the agreement, the details will be provided in the consultation.

The Legal Aspect of Car Accidents

Proving driver negligence is very important in making a legal claim against an individual involved in a collision. The basic expectation of every driver is to use caution and operate the automobile with reasonable care. If it can be proven that one party was negligent behind the wheel, that individual may have to pay for personal and property damage related to the incident. The injured plaintiff in this type of case must have proof that the defendant was careless, such as evidence of excessive speed.

Proof of Fault
In most vehicle accidents, there is a clear understanding of a pedestrian or driver causing the event. A law doesn’t necessarily have to be broken for an individual to be at fault for a collision. Attorneys that represent these cases evaluate police reports, witness statements, and driving laws in the location of the accident to determine fault.

Examples of Reckless Driving Behavior Include:

• Exceeding the posted speed limit
• Ignoring traffic conditions or adverse weather
• Getting behind the wheel while impaired by alcohol or drugs
• Failing to use turn signals

Aggression Behind the Wheel
There are no official laws that provide clear terms on aggressive or reckless driving, but it can determine liability in an accident. Unsafe actions, such as excessive speed in adverse weather,are believe to disregard the well-being of other drivers, pedestrians, and passengers. Excessive lane changes that are made without signaling or checking for safety are aggressive driving behaviors.

Under the Influence
Fatalities related to car accidents often involve one or more driver operating their vehicle under the influence. More than one million individuals sustained some type of injury from drunk driving collisions last year. Anytime an accident involves a driver under the influence, there is a reason to believe that this person is responsible for causing the incident. The bar, restaurant, or social host that served the impaired individual may have some damage liability as well, but it does not relieve the burden from the intoxicated driver.

Accidents Caused by Other Factors
Not every car accident is caused by the actions of a person because there are many dangers out on the road. The automobile itself can be dangerous if there is a defect or malfunction deterring safe operation. In these cases, the manufacturer is often held responsible for the injuries and property damage. Roads that are poorly maintained also contribute to accidents, especially if collisions often occur in the same area. This could also be a consequence of improper design, such as blind spots created by placing trees or signage. Government entities responsible for the roadways can become defendants if the court determines that they are reasonably liable.

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