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How Do You Detect Identity Theft?

Identity theft is quickly growing into one of the most common and devastating violations a crime victim can experience.

The following brief piece discusses identity theft, the bail bands process, how one can detect can identify if they might be a victim of identity theft and what steps can be taken to safeguard against this crime.

What Is Identity Theft?
Perpetrators of this crime steal a person’s identity to gain access to private information such as his or her financial institutions account numbers typically for the purpose of utilizing stolen assets for their own personal gain. Criminals might also use stolen idenity to establish checking or savings accounts, make purchases or open lines of credit. Identity thieves often obtain access to sensitive personal information by rummaging through discarded mail and breaking into the computer systems of banks or other financial institutions where they have easy access to private records.

The Bail Bonds Process
Should someone be arrested for committing identity theft, he or she might need to go through the bail bonds process. Following an arrest, a judge will set bail, the amount of money needed to gain the person in question’s release. Should the detained individual not be able to afford the set amount, he or she would need to utilize the services of a bail bondsperson. This individual, for a small fee, places bail for the jailed person on the agreement he or she reimburses them upon their release or shortly thereafter. In turn, the bail agent posts the remaining bond. Should the accused not appear in court to face charges, the bail agent has the legal right to retrieve the accused and return them to jail.

How Can Someone Detect If They Are Becoming A Victim Of Identity Theft?
Unfortunately, many cases of identity theft are discovered after a person has suffered significant financial losses, which in certain instances, might encompass all their assets. There are, however, specific signs people should be on the lookout for that could alert them to a problem in need of further investigation. Such warnings include: receiving bills from retail establishments they have never conducted business with, noticing charges on banking statements they do not recall making, suddenly being denied credit or having the terms of existing credit arrangements altered or greatly reduced, getting credit cards they did not apply for, receiving calls or written correspondences from creditors and/or debt collectors, being sent statements regarding financial accounts they never opened.

What Steps Can Be Taken To Safeguard Against Identity Theft?
There is no failsafe method someone can employ to ensure him or herself is completely immune to the threat of identity theft. People cannot control such actions as security breeches inside the computer networks of the banks and/or financial institutions housing their assets. That said, they can be extra vigilant in monitoring the information at their disposal.

The most important action one can undertake is to pay close attention to his or her credit report. This is because that document will report inaccurate information relating to basic things like someone’s address, social security number or even their name. Free copies of a credit report can be obtained by contacting the Annual Credit Report Request Service. This service can be requested via the internet by visiting, by phone at 877-322-8228, or through the mail at Annual Credit Report Request Service, P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, Georgia 30348-5281.

In addition to reviewing credit reports, individuals should also carefully examine their banking and credit card statements on, at minimum, a monthly basis. Even the slightest discrepancy should be investigated immediately. Identity thieves with access to the appropriate information could wipe out a person’s assets in a short period of time. The longer one waits, the more peril they might face.

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