Domestic Violence Penalties

Charges for Domestic Violence Penalties

Domestic violence laws protect specific classes of people from certain types of harm that occur within the home. This protection can extend to a spouse, child, sibling, domestic partner and others who live in the home, for example. The power difference between the abuser and the victim is often considered by the courts when determining the penalties. People who are arrested for domestic violence can face a misdemeanor charge or a felony charge, so using the bail bonds process might become necessary.

Common Domestic Violence Penalties

Penalties for domestic violence can range from community service to significant prison sentences. Anger management classes, fines and restraining orders might also be applied against the perpetrator. In cases involving children, there can be restrictions on visitation, and this includes supervised visitation. In other more severe cases, the abusive parent can lose custody as well as visitation rights of the child who was harmed.

Additional penalties can include the loss of a professional license or certification, and this has a significant impact on the perpetrator’s ability to earn income in the future. In some cases, a conviction can also affect the person’s credit rating, which reduces the capacity to qualify for loans and other forms of credit. Deportation can be inflicted on people who are undocumented, and civil damages or other fines can also be imposed by the courts.

State Laws, Defining the Crime

Each state has the right to define domestic violence laws, so there are some differences in how it’s interpreted. States can define domestic violence as spousal abuse, for example, but this might cause problems when litigating cases between unmarried domestic partners. Other aspects of the law come into play when determining the extent of the damages as well.

Remember that the state will be able to set the penalty for each case of domestic violence, and there might be inconsistencies between different states. This is an important consideration because this also demonstrates why having legal representation can affect the outcome.

Domestic Violence Penalties, Determining Factors

There are different types of domestic violence, and some of them can carry a felony charge or a misdemeanor charge. States might have a specific category for domestic violence crimes. These crimes could also be categorized under assault and battery. Physical harm and spousal abuse are also assault-type crimes, which are forms of domestic violence.

A felony charge or misdemeanor charge can be brought against any person who is causing physical harm through spousal abuse or other assault-type crimes. It is important to understand that the penalties for domestic violence are usually determined by the type of relationship as well as the type of abuse. This happens because the relationship of power often cultivates the dynamic where the abuse can occur.

Forms of Domestic Violence

There are several types of domestic violence, so the legal system may deal with them in a slightly different manner. This is why it is important to have an experienced legal team on your side when dealing with charges that carry penalties. In some cases, domestic violence penalties can extend to intimate partners or even people who are dating.

Physical harm includes actions that affect the person on the physical level. This might include hitting, punching, biting and even slapping. Other forms of abuse are difficult to prove. For example, emotional abuse is a distinctive process that inflicts harm through minimizing the victim’s self-esteem and invalidating their perspective. This often happens at the same time as other forms of domestic violence. Economic abuse involves using financial resources to force the victim in some way that causes harm.

Getting Help

Cases involving domestic violence charges and penalties can be complicated, so it’s always important to have a good lawyer representing you. Victims often lack the power to stop the abuse even when expressing their wish to do so. This is the situation children face, for example.

The legal system can penalize the abuser based on the level of power wielded over the particular victim. This introduces the concept of the forms of domestic violence into the situation. It is also why legal assistance is valuable when navigating the legal structure in regards to domestic violence. Contact our law firm today.

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