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Driving With No License

Many people think that receiving a citation for driving without a license is not a serious legal issue. However, law enforcement officials in all states think otherwise.

They deal regularly with the consequences of the actions of individuals who do not comply with auto insurance laws within their state, which can easily result in serious injuries from accidents with drivers that are not protected for liability. Individuals who drive without a license rarely have insurance just for beginners, and many of these defendants actually choose to drive illegally and unprotected while being intoxicated. People lose their license for specific reasons, and many times the restricted driving privilege is part of the punishment for prior illegal behavior. The issue eventually comes down to why the license was revoked and other extenuating circumstances. The material case factors surrounding the charge can make a major difference when the defendant is arrested, and can especially make a difference when the arrested suspect is attempting to bail out of jail.

How Bond Is Determined

Most courts have standard bail bond amounts for specific charges as long they are simple cases with no other charges attached. Each charge is assessed for bond as a method of determining the appropriate bond for the case. In addition, prior record regarding failure to appear in court can also matter, many times meaning the bond for even one charge will be enhanced. Defendants are completely at the mercy of the state in areas where bail bonding agencies are not allowed. But, in states where bonding agencies do exist, the agencies serve as an alternative for those who can qualify for release. Of course, complicated cases result in significantly higher bonds, and the bonding agency could very well require a co-signatory and collateral posting to provide the bail money. Courts cannot impose excessive bail, but they can enhance the amount when the charges are reasonably egregious.

Differing Charges for Driving Without a License

Extenuating circumstances matter greatly when drivers are charged with driving without a license. Many states actually differentiate these charges based on the circumstances in certain instances. Drivers who are stopped but are shown by computer records to have a valid license are either given a warning ticket or cited to court to show proof that they actually physically possess a drivers license. Even these defendants are regularly allowed to present the license in court resulting in case dismissal. Others who do not have a license but are under a short-term restriction may also receive an extension of restricted driving privileges and fined the minimum, but most of the time these individuals are released from jail on their own recognizance. Once again, the material case factors matter with respect to being released or prosecuted and authorities have the latitude to apply the charges in various manners.

Felonious Driving Without a License

There are cases when an unlicensed driver is charged with a felony for willful bad decisions to drive. States such as New York actually have a statute that addresses this problem. Other states have empowered prosecuting attorneys in the same manner with other laws that can result in an enhanced charge for driving without a license, which can also include the level of felony charges when the license suspension was based on multiple convictions for driving under the influence. These cases almost always result in large bond amounts, especially when the potential for failure to appear is high.

It is always a bad decision to drive without a license. The states routinely have problems dealing with drivers who practice this behavior even one time, and as a result, are very serious about prosecuting these crimes. Anyone who decides to drive without a license should also be prepared to go to jail, and maybe for an extended period.

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