Firearms Sentencing Enhancements – CA Penal Code

Firearms Sentencing EnhancementsWhen in California, one will have to understand that there are a lot of special laws and regulations. While true, it’s not always easy as there are so many special sentencing rules that a person will have to study for days just to understand the process. However, with regards to guns, it’s wise to avoid problems, and here are a few firearms sentencing enhancements of the CA penal code that one must understand.

CA Penal Codes

Penal Code 12022 PC: Committing a felony while using a firearm. This is a big one, and it’s a catchall that most police departments will use since a person using a firearm is putting him or herself at risk. Not to mention, when committing a felony with a firearm, one is putting the entire public at risk, including police officers and innocent bystanders.

Penal Code 12022.2 PC: While other states have lax gun laws and bullet laws, California is not one of them. For this reason, if a person has bullets made to penetrates vests, he or she is in violation of a serious rules, and he or she will likely end up in prison as the police and local prosecutors don’t look kindly on people who use armor-piercing bullets.

Penal Code 12202.3 PC: When committing a sex offense such as rape, one can receive more jail time if they have a firearm. In fact, when committing a sex offense with a weapon, one will struggle to get bail. If they do get bail, they should choose a bail bonds place that can help them through the process as they are going to need the help.

Penal Code 12022.4 PC: When giving a person a gun to commit a felony, one is in serious danger of getting in trouble with the law. Without a doubt, when handing a gun over to a felon, a person is going to get in serious trouble with the law as there have been too many high-profile shootings where a person got the gun from a stranger.

Penal Code 12022.5 PC: When personally discharging a fireman such as an assault weapon, machine gun or .50 BMG rifles during the commission of a felony, one is going to get in serious trouble. In fact, if one just possesses the gun during a felony, they are in big trouble.

Penal Code 12022.55 PC: If a person discharges a gun while in a car, they are going to face stiffer consequences. As a response to drive by shootings, many cites wanted to do more to protect people. For this reason, this penal code was introduced as a way to help people in certain neighborhoods avoid drive by shootings, which were becoming a daily problem.

With these six times one can get in more trouble with a gun, it’s easy to see why one would need a bail bondsman to get out of jail and defend their good name. Otherwise, without bail, one can sit in jail for a long time while they await their trial date.

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