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Gun Control in California

Gun Control SignWhen arrested for a gun crime in California, one will face serious consequences and might need the help of an experienced bail bonds agent. Without a doubt, California is one of the least friendly states for gun owners, and this is for a few reasons. However, it’s not so simple as there are plenty of gun supporters who live in more rural areas. With this in mind, gun control in California is a huge issue for anyone who lives in this state.

Differences in Cities

When thinking about California gun laws, a lot of people think of the liberal cities of San Francisco or Los Angeles. However, there is more to the state, and more conservative areas are more accepting of guns. In places like Kern County, one can buy a gun and get a concealed permit with ease. On the other hand, in cities like Oakland, a gun owner will have a hard time finding a shooting range or a store selling bullets and guns. In reality, many Californians still have guns and love them, especially considering that many residents are former members of the military. So, in reality, the left-leaning state of California is not as against California gun rights as people may think.

Sadly, if a resident lives in Alameda County or San Francisco, he or she will face an uphill battle when it comes to California gun laws. Law abiding residents here have to exercise a lot of caution as people are often thrown in jail for simply possessing a gun in the wrong place. However, even in San Francisco, residents did not pass an outright ban on guns, which would have been repealed by judges as California gun control laws can only go so far.
Often, in response to mass shootings, the state of California will alter California gun control laws drastically. Often, politicians will make random weapons illegal while ignoring the overall problem of gangs and crime. Luckily, in some areas, California gun laws are not overzealous and one can get a California gun license with ease. For example, in northern California, past the Bay Area, one can get a California gun license with ease. This allows a resident to protect his or her family without needing to rely on law enforcement.

Crime and Gun Control

Sadly, lost in the California gun control debate is the overall debate about crime. In cities like Oakland, murder is out of control, and people blame guns. However, when looking at Orange County or San Diego, one can see a different picture. Simply put, when looking at the gun control debate, one has to look to a bigger picture as guns are only one part of the equation. In the end, politicians are arguing about this while people, mainly in inner cities, are losing their lives.

Without a doubt, when looking at California gun rights, one can see that the current laws don’t work. Now, many people are taking a second look and realizing that guns are not the only issue.

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