Marijuana Laws

Marijuana Laws in California

The Early Ages and Rules of California Marijuana Legalization

Numerous rules and regulations come with the revision of the Cannabis law California. Several California marijuana laws are instituted in order to maintain the proper order and systems within the methodical distribution by dispensaries as well as the adult use of marijuana act. Since January 1st, 2018, Cannabis law California permits anyone over the age of 21 to legally purchase, sell, and cultivate marijuana. Also under the adult use of marijuana act, just like alcohol and cigarettes, there are certain restrictions on how and where marijuana can be consumed.

It can be used in your own home, and it would always be illegal to use marijuana in public areas or near any schools. In addition, the law on marijuana legalization has no tolerance towards its consumption while or before operating any vehicle. Failure to comply to the revised laws of marijuana legalization would land the perpetrator in more trouble than they think for a nonviolent crime. Yes, even in marijuana’s legal states (California, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia).

Many users of marijuana still find themselves serving jail time despite of its legalization in many of marijuana’s legal states; either for exceeding the 28.5 grams limit possession amount, being a minor and using it, or driving while impaired, according to California drug laws. Breaking these regulations could result in up to six months in jail and upwards of $500 fines for first time offenders.. Nobody prefers to spend time in a jail cell due to the fact that you just never know who exactly your cell mate is and what he/she did to be in jail. However, avoiding jail time by writing a bail bond is wise for offenders of the California marijuana laws. Although California drug laws allows the judge to keep one in a jail cell for 2-10 days, or more, before the first hearing, any friend or loved one may write a bail bond and have you released from the facility.

Medical marijuana laws for those over age 18 and under 21 state that they have to possess a medical marijuana card that enables the legal consumption of any cannabis products (bong, joint, vaporizer, G-pens, etc.). Medical marijuana laws also state that one needs to have in possession a doctor’s recommendation that points to an illness which enables them to carry a medical marijuana card and immerse in marijuana consumption.

Additional rules for buying marijuana include the sales by someone who does not possess the license to conduct any business related to cannabis. Other rules for buying marijuana state that smoking or ingesting cannabis in public, while operating a vehicle, and possessing an open container while driving or riding a vehicle could result in six months of jail time and hefty fines.

The Bureau of Cannabis Control in California is the main rule-maker and develops several systems of rules for adult use of marijuana as well as regulations for the legal marijuana market. It is wise to contact and speak with a business law attorney to get professional advice for starting your own cannabis shop and selling cannabis products and services. At the moment, the legal marijuana market industry is booming and revenues are skyrocketing due to more and more people buying and using marijuana recreationally. The Bureau of Cannabis Control handles the official licensing for shops, franchises, labs, and other types of marijuana businesses. Speaking with an experienced marijuana law attorney ensures that you are practicing your rights as a user as well as business owner. This also ensures that you’re in full compliance with the cannabis law at all times. You wouldn’t want to stay in jail for marijuana, would you?

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