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Privacy and Online Shopping

Many people prefer to shop for their goods online because of the sheer privacy of it.

These people like knowing that they can browse through collections and then choose what they like in the privacy of their own home or room. The problem with online shopping is that many people are finding new and creative ways to breach the layer of privacy that every person is supposed to have online. In fact, so many people are conducting online crimes that innocent people sometimes receive accusations. Such people sometimes have to contact bail bond companies to pay their bail so that they can clear their name of internet crimes and get back to their families. The following are some tips for protecting yourself and maintaining your privacy online.

Set Your Browser Settings to Do Not Track

Whether you have Chrome, Internet Explorer or some other browsers, you will have the option to disallow it from tracking or sharing the information about your online activities. Make sure that you set your browser settings to “do not track” if you don’t want the browsers to watch your online movements.

Only Provide Mandatory Information

When you are shopping online, you only have to provide information that is mandatory. Find out which information you absolutely have to provide the website. Provide that, but don’t give any additional information if you don’t have to. Don’t create a profile if it’s not necessary for you to do such either. You want to conduct your shopping with as little exposure to your personal information as possible. The less information you save on the company’s server, the less of a chance you will have of having your personal information violated.

Use Incognito Mode
Incognito mode is another way that you can protect yourself while you are shopping on the internet. What it does is it dumps all of your cookies and your personal information as soon as you close the browser. Incognito mode is quite effective because it does not save any information such as password, credit card information or even your occupation when you buy something. You won’t be 100 percent anonymous, but you will have a little bit more protection and privacy than usual. However, you have to judge the maliciousness of the sites that you are visiting yourself. Incognito can’t tell you which sites are harmful to you or which sites may scam you.

Only Use Secure Sites
Look for signs that you are visiting a secure site before you spend your money on it. One sign of a secure site is an address bar that starts with https:// as opposed to http://. you can also look and see if the site has any badges or notices about using security software or 128-bit encryptions. All of these things help to ensure that your information stays safe.

Do not Save Your Credit Card Information
Saving your credit card information on a website that you pay frequently may seem as if it is convenient, but it may actually be detrimental to you instead. If someone breaches the servers of the company that you are using, then your personal information could get compromised. Pay close attention when you are shopping online and don’t check any boxes that say it’s okay to save your credit card information.

Use a Prepaid Debit Card if Possible
One idea to keep your injuries down to a minimum is to do your shopping with a prepaid debit card. That way, you can put a set amount of money on the card and only spend that. If for some reason your card gets compromised, the culprit will only be able to draw so much from you because the prepaid card will not overdraft.

Change Your Passwords Frequently
Finally, change all of the passwords that you associate with online shopping as much as possible. The best practice is to use complex passwords that have letters, numbers and strange characters. That way, no one can easily hack it.

If you use all of those practices, you should minimize the chances of having your privacy interrupted. Shopping online can still be enjoyable and beneficial for you.

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