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Student Athletes that Break the Law

College athletes, just like everyone else, must follow the law.

Unfortunately, these young kids make mistakes and break the law. They might not handle the pressure that goes with being an athlete, or they might think they are above the law. Whatever, the reason, sometimes they just make bad decisions. College athletes who break the law might be dismissed from the team or be required to face sanctions by the university. Most schools make athletes sign a contract, and the university has a code of conduct that athletes must obey. These codes of conduct address sexual misconduct, as well as criminal misconduct. If a college athlete is arrested for a crime, one of the first things the school might do is dismiss or suspend him from the team while the investigation is occurring. The athlete will want to get an attorney. If he is arrested, he will want to find a bail bondsman and post bail as quickly as possible.

Do College Athletes get Preferential Treatment?

It is a fact that individuals who play sports are less likely to be indicted that those who do not. In many cases, athletes come from wealthy families, so they can afford better lawyers. If the athlete is well-known, a victim might feel exposed or vulnerable by the high-profile athlete. In some cases, the college coach or the administrators get involved in the case. Therefore, numerous factors contribute to the fact that some college athletes are able to avoid prosecution.

University School Policies

Most colleges have a certain code in which athletes are expected to follow. This also consists of the consequences of not following the rules. Colleges handle criminal matters differently. If a student is accused of a crime, most schools will suspend him until they are proven guilty.

Examples of College Athletes who Break the Law

• Jalen Mills (LSU): This cornerback was arrested for second degree battery. This accusation is punishable by up to five years in prison and up to $2000 in fines.
• Chris Rainey (University of Florida): Was accused of stalking, fighting, and hurting an individual with fireworks.
• Derrick Washington (Missouri): This running back was charged with felony sexual assault.
• LaMichael James (Oregon): Charged with assaulting his former girlfriend.
• Carlton Dotson (Baylor): This basketball player murdered his former teammate.
• Alex Abreu (Akron): This point guard was arrested for possessing marijuana.
• Brandon Banks, Cory Batey, Joborian McKenzie, Brandon Vandenburg (Vanderbilt): These football players were accused of rape that occurred in a campus dorm room.
• Montrel Meander, Kendall Sanders (University of Texas): These football players were arrested on felony sexual assault charges.

What College Athletes do When Charged with a Crime

When a college athlete breaks the law, he usually looks for the best attorney who is qualified to handle his case. A lawyer will make sure rights are being followed, and he will protect the interests of the athlete. He will help the student during his appearance in from of the judge, and he will help the athlete enter a plea. Bail will normally then be set. The attorney will help get bail set at a reasonable rate. The athlete will want to find a bail bondsman to get him out of jail while he is awaiting a court date.

In our country, people often jump to conclusions when an athlete is accused of a crime. However, the person should be innocent until proven guilty. These individuals have the same rights as everyone else, and they have the right to a fair and just legal system. Posting bail is one of these rights. The athlete can get out of jail while he is waiting for the next step of his case.

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