What is the Subornation of Perjury

What is the Subornation of Perjury?

What is the Perjury Meaning?

Perjury can be a serious offense in many instances. It is a violation of honesty and trust that is in many ways at the heart of the criminal justice system. Subordination of perjury can be even more threatening for those charged with or convicted of that crime. It is a criminal act that combines a misrepresentation under oath with a conspiracy element. Such an action can result in severe penalties and requires the help and guidance of a lawyer.

A criminal proceeding for the subordination of perjury felony

Subornation of perjury lying under oath is a crime connected to misrepresentation under oath. It involves one individual telling another individual under them to lie under oath. That person may be a friend, close acquaintance, or client of an attorney. Lying under oath is a serious offense and the subordination of that offense may be just as serious. The criminal proceeding associated with the subordination of perjury felony is the same as any other charge.

They are often sent to jail and go through a hearing where a judge sets bail. The individual has to either pay bail or contact a bail bondsman in order to get out of jail pending trial. Then, the person being charged has to prepare their case and potentially discuss a settlement with a prosecutor. If a settlement is not reached, the case goes to trial and a jury determines whether or not there is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that the crime was committed.

Is perjury a felony?

The perjury punishment associated with the subordination of perjury charges can be significant. Individuals who face perjury convictions can spend months or years in jail. These penalties for perjury convictions may be even more pronounced if an individual is convicted for the subordination of charge with perjury. The question of is perjury a felony is only tangentially related to the perjury criminal code because subornation of perjury is in many ways a different crime. The nature of this crime is a serious one that combines elements of lying with those of intent to commit a crime for a nefarious purpose.

Such a combination of subordination and the perjury criminal code results in both higher statutory sentences and a greater likelihood that an individual will be sentenced to significant prison time as a consequence of perjury. There is a reputation component to the consequences of perjury. Felony charges also stay on an individual’s record for longer and can be used to discredit an individual in cases of job and housing applications.

What to do

Anyone facing subordination of perjury charges must secure release from jail through the bail or bail bondsman process. Then, once they are released from jail, they should contact a lawyer immediately. A lawyer can help an individual build their case and better understand the circumstances of their case. Subordination of perjury punishment requires several pieces of evidence that have to be brought together to form a narrative of criminal intent. A prosecutor has to prove that an individual has specifically pushed another individual to tell a direct lie under oath. There has to be evidence of that communication and often testimony about its nature. Attorneys are also experienced at securing plea deals and potential settlements that would greatly aid an individual attempting to reduce their prison sentences.


Anyone who is arrested for the subordination of charge with perjury will be understandably confused or worried. They may be concerned about the future of their careers and the state of their legal cases. These individuals need to first secure release from jail. They should use any legal means at their disposal to get out of jail and prepare their legal case at home. Then, individuals facing these charges need to enlist the help of a trained attorney. Securing release and working with an attorney are two of the best steps that an individual can take in order to achieve the best results possible from their case.

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