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What It Takes To Get Married

Getting married to the one you love is a wonderful process that can allow you to have a life full of joy and happiness.

The United States has certain qualifications that must be met before two people can marry each other, however, having one of the applicants in jail may complicate the process. The following information covers some of the most common concerns about marriage. If you are thinking about marrying your loved one, you will need to ensure that you have everything in order first.

Marrying Someone in Jail

It is possible for two people to get married when one of them is in jail. However, not all correctional institutions allow it, and not all institutions allow conjugal visits once the marriage occurs. Such a marriage would deprive the two persons of an act that some states still consider as the finalization act. Some people don’t consider a marriage as valid until the parties consummate it by coming together physically. The best thing for two people to do is to wait until the inmate is out of jail before getting married so that they can both enjoy the fruits of their union. If the inmate is not in jail because of a conviction and is not serving an actual sentence, then the other person can perhaps hire a bail bond company to help the inmate get out of jail for an official wedding. Bail bond companies pay bail so that defendants can get out until the day of the trial and handle important business. Getting married would qualify as an important business.

What Are the Main Requirements for Marriage?

Every state has a different set of rules for what it considers a legal age for marriage. Most marriages require a marriage license and an official ceremony that a valid officiant conducts. Some states do, however, still honor common law marriages as long as the parties are legally allowed to marry each other. This piece deals strictly with marriages that do require licenses.

For two people to marry each other, they must be of the legal age in the state. For example, the age is 18 in South Carolina. A parent or guardian can sign to allow younger persons to marry each other, however. The legal age for marriage is 18 in most states and 21 in others, but the age of exceptions such as pregnancy and parental signatures is as low as 14 in some states.

The two parties must be legally “free” to enter into a marriage covenant. Neither of them can be married to any other person. If they are married to other persons, they would need to conduct an official divorce before they remarry. Otherwise, the second marriage would be invalid even if it did pass through the system on a technicality. Long-term separations and cohabitations with other people do not qualify as official U.S. divorces.

The two parties must not be close relatives of one another. Some states allow third cousins and beyond to marry, but anything closer than that is unlawful.

Marriage license applications usually have small fees, and the parties have to present identification to the clerk and complete questionnaires about their family members and such. The waiting period for the marriage license varies. It can be one to five days. This waiting period is so that the parties can have another opportunity to think about what they are doing before they do it. The parties are free to marry once they have their certificates.

Who Has to Be at the Wedding?
A qualified officiant has to facilitate the wedding ceremony, and there must be someone there who can act as a witness and sign the paperwork. People who are usually authorized to perform weddings are judges, court clerks, justices of the peace and clergy members. After the wedding ceremony is finished, the person who facilitated the marriage files the papers with the appropriate county, and the spouses receive copies of their official marriage certificates.

Now you have some basic information as far as getting married. You can start your process now if you and your loved one are ready to spend the rest of your lives together. The process is not complex, and it won’t be a burden if the two of you are excited about it.

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