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Tips to Prevent Car Theft

Today’s thieves are smarter, better organized and more technologically savvy than at any other time in history.

By learning about the best measures available today to reduce the ongoing threat of car theft, auto owners can better protect one of their most valuable long-term investments – their vehicle. If you or a loved one is charged with car theft, you should call a trusted bondsman.

Tips to prevent auto theft.

Tip #1Don’t leave tempting items sitting in sight inside an unattended car.
If there is a chance for a car thief to steal the car and valuable purchases inside, this can be too tempting to pass up. Either place those items in the trunk or take them along while doing other errands that require leaving a vehicle unattended.

Tip #2Never leave the car running while doing errands.
Thieves enjoy nothing more than an easy score, which is exactly what a running car (especially one with old school keys left right in the ignition) represents.

Tip #3Be sure vehicle doors and windows are closed and locked when driving and while out of the car.
As with Tip #2 here, it is easy to forget a window is partially rolled down – or even worse, that the sunroof is open. A thief can be inside and driving away from the car before anyone notices.

Tip #4Don’t leave registration papers in the car.
If by chance a vehicle is stolen successfully, the thieves still have work ahead of them to move the car and collect the cash. This is easiest to do when there are registration papers right in the car itself.

Cars without registration papers included may be abandoned in favor of juicier prey – which makes these cars potentially much easier to recover.

Tip #5Never leave the car overnight in a car park or parking lot.
Even if the lot states that it is secure and patrolled 24/7, it is all too easy for car thieves to take advantage of autos that are left overnight on someone else’s property.

Even if there is security present, the risk may be too great to expect them to interfere with a car theft in progress. Best case scenario is to always place the car somewhere much more secure if it needs to be left overnight.

Tip #6Equip the vehicle with an alarm system, a kill switch and VIN etching.
As with Tip #2 here, the easier a mark the vehicle is, the more likely it is to be the one thieves choose to steal.

Autos that are equipped with an alarm system, a kill switch and/or VIN etching on the windows add an extra layer of difficulty to a car thief’s work. This does not guarantee the car will not be stolen, but it ensure there may be other easier cars to steal that take its place.

Tip #7Drive and park in safe, well-lit, well-populated areas.
Car theft doesn’t just happen when the vehicle is unattended. Carjacking is still one of the most prevalent crimes in many cities today, and this puts the driver’s life in jeopardy.

The best way to prevent a carjack theft is to keep windows, doors and sunroof closed and locked – and not just while stopped at traffic lights or stop signs. Carjackers may move in in slow traffic as well, so for safety’s sake, the most secure car is a locked car.

Tip #8Don’t label keys with home address or phone.
Never put the vehicle’s garage location and phone number on a set of keys. This is like issuing a written invitation to auto thieves to case the home and pick the right time to steal the car.

If it is necessary to label the keys, choose a business address or PO Box and a work phone number or driver’s license number instead.

Tip #9Do not give keys to car concierge personnel and only use the valet key for valet parking.
Never let keys fall into the hands of unknown personnel that may choose to replicate them for a later theft.

Tip #10: Know what to do if a vehicle does get stolen.
Auto insurers typically have policies in place to report a stolen vehicle. Sometimes license plate numbers can also be used to track and retrieve stolen cars that have been used previously as collateral for obtaining bail bonds and title loans.

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