Fairfield Court (Solano County Hall of Justice)

The City of Fairfield has remained the seat of Solano County since 1858, and as such it also the center of the court system for Solano County. Two of the three Solano County court buildings are located in Fairfield at 600 Union Avenue and 530 Union Avenue. These buildings comprise what is commonly called the “Fairfield Court.” The third Solano County court building is located in nearby Vallejo.

The Fairfield Court History

The first court buildings in Fairfield were constructed in 1860 and were composed of a simple brick and mortar courthouse and jail that cost $15,400 to construct. A more complex courthouse, which still stands near the modern court buildings today, was built 1911. The old courthouse is currently undergoing renovation to restore it to a useful status. When completed, it will add three additional courtrooms to those already in service across the street at 530 Union Avenue.

Basic Information on the Superior Court of California, Solano County

The Fairfield buildings house the majority of staff for the Solano County Superior Court. The court handles all trial cases in the County. It is composed of 20 judges, three commissioners and one judge pro tem. It employs a support staff of 216 employees composed of security officers and other court staff. The court handles all areas of law, including criminal cases and all types of civil cases such as family law, juvenile and probate cases. It also houses supporting organizations for the court system, such as the CASA organization. The towns and cities served the Fairfield Court include Fairfield, Vacaville, Vallejo, Dixon and Benicia.

Visiting the Fairfield Court

Parking can be an issue at the courthouse. A jury parking lot is provided for on-duty jurors, but this lot is not open to the public. Street parking is usually available and free, but it may also conflict with the nearby school and businesses. Access to the courthouse buildings is open to the public and requires only passing through a security checkpoint. Support offices are located at 600 Union Avenue and additional courtrooms are located nearby at 530 Union Avenue. Most trials are open to the public except for those involving minors and some civil cases at the judge’s discretion. The court posts its docket publicly each day. Any person who is appropriately dressed and follows correct court procedure may sit in on a trial.

Bail Bonds and the Court

To avoid spending time before a trail in the county jail, most defendants post bail either individually or with the help of their attorney. A bail bond is basically a loan to help a defendant afford bail that can easily reach amounts in excess of $10,000. Once the bail is posted, the defendant is free to go on the promise to return on their trial date. If they fail to show, then the bond is forfeit and must be repaid. If the defendant does show, then the bond is returned.

Around the Courthouse

A number of legal services are conveniently located within walking distance of the courthouse. This includes various attorneys’ offices and bail bonds offices. The general services offices for Solano County and the Solano County Public Defenders Officer is located just across the street from the courthouse. A block down, visitors can take a lunch break at local restaurants along Texas Street or grab a coffee at the corner Starbucks.

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