Hayward Court (Hayward Hall of Justice)

The Hayward Hall of Justice is a court of the Alameda County Superior Court of California. California has 58 superior courts, and these courts have handled over 8.5 million cases from 2002 to 2012. For criminal cases, there were over 1,047,594 general cases filed in the courts in this time period, and specifically there were 243,270 felony cases filed. The clearance rate for felony cases is 94 percent, and the rate for misdemeanor cases is 87 percent for non-traffic misdemeanors.

The Hayward Hall of Justice is located at 24405 Amador Street, Hayward, CA 94544. The courthouse handles civil, criminal and family law cases. The courthouse no longer features a traffic clerk’s office, walk-in traffic court or traffic departments. These departments are now located in the Fremont Hall of Justice.

There is limited public parking available to visitors of the courthouse. The County Parking Garage is available, but visitors should be aware that fees are incurred for parking in the garage. Two-hour metered parking is also available behind the courthouse for visitors.

General Information About the Hayward Hall of Justice

If one is making an appearance at the Hayward Hall of Justice for a criminal matter, he or she should be aware that genetic marker typing may be required. The court has a public posting that defendants may be ordered to provide two blood samples and one saliva sample. Samples may also be taken while the defendant is held in custody.

If the court orders that a defendant submit to this testing and is not in custody, then he or she should report to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Crime Laboratory.

Appearances at the Hayward Hall of Justice

Defendants should be aware that it is mandatory that they appear for scheduled court appearances. If a defendant fails to appear in court, then he or she may forfeit a bail or bond. The judge also has discretion to impose a $300 additional fee for a defendant’s failure to appear at court.

The court also has specific requirements and guidelines for how defendants should dress in appearing for court. Defendants are advised to dress in business professional clothing. Individuals may not wear hats in the courthouse. In addition, individuals should remember to turn off their cell phones and computers upon entering the courthouse. The court advises that a defendant bring copies of the citation, any required payments, proper identification, jail release paperwork, sentencing order, notice of hearing and other documents to court. The court also advises that individuals who wish to change a court date to contact the Criminal Division Clerk’s Office for further assistance.

Obtaining a Bail Bond for One’s Case

Bail bond companies can help a defendant to obtain the funding he or she needs to be released from custody. There are many types of bail bonds available to defendants, and they include bonds secured by cash or collateral. Family members or friends may post cash so that a defendant can obtain the bail bond that he or she needs to be released.

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Bail Bond Rates

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