Riverside Court (Riverside Hall of Justice)

The Riverside Hall of Justice is a superior court in the legal justice system of California. The justice system in California features the California Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal and Superior Courts. The Riverside Hall of Justice only handles criminal cases on Mondays through Fridays, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The greater Riverside County Superior Court of California handles claims within the following twelve divisions:
• Alternative Dispute Resolution
• Civil Division
• Criminal Division
• Enhanced Collections
• Family Law
• Grand Jury
• Juvenile
• Probate
• Procurement
• Small Claims
• Traffic

Defendants who have been charged with a crime should be aware that there are certain items not permitted in the Riverside Court. These items include any firearms, gun shaped lighters, BB guns, toy guns, bullets or ammunition, blades of all sizes, knives of all sizes, scissors, razors, cigarette lighters, letter openers, skateboards, skates, handcuffs and handcuff keys.

In addition, the Riverside Court also maintains strict rules in regards to appearances. Individuals must wear shirts and shoes in the courtroom. Individuals may not wear tank tops or t-shirts in the courtroom. Those who are appearing before a judge should convey a respectful, professional demeanor before the judge, and it may be in a defendant’s best interest to wear a suit or simple dress. Individuals should also try to eat a meal prior to entering the courthouse, because food, drink and chewing gum are also not allowed. All pagers and cell phones must be turned off in the courtroom too.

Parking at the Courthouse

Individuals can find parking in the city streets surrounding the Riverside Court. The parking spots are metered and are open on a first-come, first-served basis. Those who are handicapped and have a handicapped placard or license plate are allowed to park in any of the metered parking spaces at no cost. Individuals can use a parking spot for up to four hours at a time. If a defendant plans on being in court for a period in excess of four hours, then he or she can find parking available in one of the parking structures in the area. Parking structures are available at 3535 12th Street, 3964 Orange Street, and 4090 Lemon Street. Prices at the parking structures vary.

Mandatory Court Appearances

The Riverside Court handles proceedings for misdemeanors, felonies and warrants. The court requires a mandatory court appearance for a misdemeanor, felony or warrant. A defendant should be aware that a failure to appear may provide the judge with grounds to issue a warrant for his or her arrest. The court posts a calendar that is available for the public and has a list of defendant names and the assigned courtroom. Defendants who can not find their names listed on the calendar should go to the Criminal Clerk’s Office to receive the necessary information. The Criminal Clerk’s Office will request that a defendant provide identification and information on the bail or bond measures, arraignment, notice to appear, jail release documents and information regarding his or her arrest.

Using Bail Bonds for a Release

Those who wish to obtain a pre-trial release may use a bail bond. It is in the judge’s discretion as to whether he or she will award a pre-trial release. If the defendant does not pose an immediate threat to the public, then he or she will be released. One of the conditions that a judge may impose is bail. A bail bond can provide a defendant with the funding he or she needs to obtain the release. The bail bond serves as the security to show that a defendant will appear at court at a future date.

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