Sacramento Court (Sacramento County Courthouse)

The Sacramento County Courthouse is located at 720 9th Street in Sacramento. The actual courthouse services are spread between three buildings in the immediate area. The main courthouse is a modern six-story building housing courtrooms, administrative offices, and a number of other services for the public. There are also a few offices located in two nearby buildings. The courthouse contains a large number of 68 judges, 10 subordinate judicial offices, and 719 court employees that are part of the larger Sacramento County court system.

Cases Heard In the Courthouse

The Sacramento Court hears a wide variety of cases every year. It is home to many types of civil trials. This includes pretrial hearings for civil cases. General civil cases for everything from personal injuries to auto accidents take place in the courthouse. The courthouse is not used for small claims cases where damages are less than $25,000. Felony and misdemeanor trials are held in the courthouse every day. These are criminal proceedings for people who have broken the law. Most of the felony and misdemeanor cases for the county are heard in the Sacramento Court. The courthouse is not used for juvenile or family court proceedings.

Administrative Services

The Sacramento County Courthouse contains offices that provide administrative services and support services for attorneys, judges, and citizens involved in legal proceedings. It is possible to perform many financial transactions in the courthouse from paying fines and sanctions to dealing with bounced checks. Attorneys and citizens can file papers to start a civil case, request court documents, and review previously filed documents inside the courthouse. The courthouse also provides county bail schedules and fee schedules for defendants.

Defendants and Bail Bonds

The large majority of people who are arrested for a misdemeanor or felony in the area will pass through the Sacramento County Courthouse at some point. These defendants will likely have to wait in one of the jails in the county until the scheduled court date. A way to avoid sitting in jail until the Sacramento Court is ready to hear a case is to post a bail bond. Bail bond agencies allow the defendant or friends and family of the defendant to pay a percentage of the total required bail amount. The bond is then posted and the defendant is released from jail. Bail bonds make it easier to return to a normal life while waiting for trial.

Services In and Around the Sacramento County Courthouse

Anyone coming to the Sacramento Court should understand that there is no parking lot attached to the building. The only parking is metered and on the street. There is a children’s waiting room in the building. This room provides supervised care for children 12 years old or younger. It is free of charge to anyone who is doing business with the court. The courthouse contains a number of copy machines, a full cafeteria on the sixth floor, and an automatic teller machine on the first floor. Nearly any other supplies or services can be purchased from the nearby K Street Mall.

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