Stockton Court

The Stockton Court sits at 222 East Weber Avenue in downtown Stockton. It is one of the primary courthouses in San Joaquin County for both criminal and civil cases. The courthouse is actually relatively small in relation to the volume of cases handled every year. The court does manage to keep operating with around 30 judges including commissioners and a referee. The Stockton Courthouse was originally constructed in 1963. It has not undergone many changes since that time.

Cases Handled In the Courthouse

Nearly all types of civil and criminal cases are handled in the Stockton Court. Civil cases such as injunctions and issues around real estate titles are handled in court. This includes small claims, limited jurisdiction, and general civil cases. Traffic hearings also take place at this location. The courthouse handles a large number of misdemeanor and felony cases for people arrested in San Joaquin County and some other areas. These criminal cases include issues such as probation hearings and mental health hearings. Additionally, the courthouse contains a juvenile division that handles criminal cases involving minors from the county.

High Caseloads

It is no secret that there have been financial problems in San Joaquin County. These financial issues resulted in the closing of the courthouse in Lodi. Many of the cases that would normally go through Lodi are now being handled by the Stockton Court. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in the caseload in the courthouse. This action came shortly after the Stockton Court reduced the number of staff by almost 25 percent. The high caseload is increasing the amount of time it takes for people to get a hearing even on criminal matters. The overcrowding in the courthouse is not expected to go away any time soon.

Avoiding Long Wait Times

Anyone who is awaiting a criminal hearing at the Stockton Courthouse can avoid a long wait in jail by posting a bail bond. Bail bonds are secured through a licensed agency. A set fee is paid to the agency so that the bail bond can be issued. The defendant is released from jail as soon as the bail bond is posted although there might be conditions on the release. Bail bonds can be posted in under an hour in some cases. The bond is insurance that the defendant will arrive for the scheduled court date. Bail bonds can be secured with credit cards, cash, or personal assets. Calling a bail bond agency is the best way to avoid the problems caused by the heavy caseloads in the courthouse.

Plans for a New Courthouse

A plan has been put into place to help relieve some of the overcrowding in the Stockton Court. A new building has been proposed that will be 12 stories high with over 310,000 square feet of indoor space for 30 courtrooms and many other offices. The new courthouse is intended to address the population increases that are predicted in the coming decades. There could be close to 2 million people in San Joaquin County in just two decades. The plans for the new Stockton Courthouse will ensure the legal system is able to handle increased civil, criminal and juvenile caseloads efficiently.

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