Escondido Jail (Vista Detention Facility)

The Escondido Jail, or Vista Detention Center, is located in a large collection of municipal buildings in San Diego County. The actual building is part of the North County Regional Center complex. It is conveniently connected to other buildings like a courthouse and a sheriff’s department. A law library is in the same complex. Anyone who is arrested in northern San Diego County is likely to be taken to the Vista Detention Center and held until trial unless bail is made.

The actual Escondido Jail building is very large. The facility has a total of 170,000 square feet of usable space inside. This is spread across four different levels. The building has two visible floors from the outside. The facility has a basement that houses inmates and offices. The building also has a mezzanine level. The building is equipped with an advanced central control system. This system allows authorized individuals to control each of the important electronic components of the facility from a centralized location. It will even operate if an emergency causes loss of electricity or other system failures.

The large majority of the people in the Vista Detention Facility are actually there temporarily while waiting for a transfer to another location. Although there are some people who stay in the facility for months or a full year, most individuals stay for only a few weeks before being released or transferred to a different building. The Escondido Jail underwent modernization and expansion in 1989. The facility can now house just fewer than 900 inmates. The beds in the jail are distributed across 33 different housing units.

A large number of people in the Escondido Jail are actually just awaiting trial. Each of these individuals has the option to receive visitors and potentially to post bail. Friends and family can contact the facility to find out the amount of bail needed. If the amount is too high, a bail bond agent can help. Bail bond agents can make meeting large bond amounts easier by allow friends or family to secure the bond with an asset. Visiting hours vary for each of the different housing units although bail can often be posted for an inmate at any time. Some agencies can actually post bail and have a person out of the facility in an hour or less.

The Vista Detention Facility has a number of special areas and services for inmates who have specific needs. A medical facility is located directly in the building that allows doctors to perform a variety of diagnostic procedures. The medical center can also be used to treat minor to moderate injuries and chronic diseases. There is a dental center providing basic care for inmates. Escondido Jail has special housing units for critically ill inmates, people with psychological problems and individuals who need special security attention.

Escondido Jail current has a total of 235 employees. Not all employees are working at all times. Around 134 of these employees are officials of the county or state. The remaining 101 employees are professionals doing everything from administrative and accounting work to social work and medicine. The jail usually maintains an average population of just over 820 people during the year. It can process over 24,000 people annually.

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