Fairfield Jail

Anyone who has been charged with a crime and arrested in Fairfield has likely visited the Solano County Detention Facility, which is located 500 Union Avenue, Fairfield, California, 94533. If a person is planning on bailing out a friend who has recently been arrested, he or she will likely find their friend at the above location. There are other jails in the area, but most recently-arrested individuals will be taken to the facility on Union Avenue.

Before a person goes to visit a friend or family member at the Fairfield Jail, it’s good to know some of the rules and what to expect. One of the first things visitors should know is that they cannot take their cell phone into the jail. There are no exceptions to this rule, and any violator of this rule will likely be asked to take his or her phone back to the car entering. A person will not get away with simply turning their phone off either, so it’s not worth trying.

Solano County Detention Facility

The visiting hours are at specific times each day. There are hours for visiting inmates during the day, and there are also hours for visiting in the evening time. The hours for visiting during the day are 8:30-10 a.m. and 12:30-2 p.m., and the daytime hours are seven days a week. The hours for visiting in the evening are 6-9 p.m. from Friday to Tuesday.

The inmates are the ones who are responsible for telling friends or family when they can come and visit; the jail will not do this on their behalf. If a family member or a friend wants to have a visit, an inmate is allowed up to two 30-minute visits a week. It’s important that visitors understand the rules before going to the jail for a visit because any violations may result in visitors being turned away. You must dress appropriately for the jail; there are certain outfits that cannot be worn. There are also requirements for age and identification that must be met. Visitors must be legal adults and provide identification in order to get in for a visit; otherwise, a parent is required to accompany anybody who is under 18.

By visiting Fairfield Jail’s website, a person can review any rules that may affect a friend or family member while that person is in jail. Anyone who wants to help someone who has been arrested get out of jail needs to contact an attorney and a bail bonds company. An attorney can help an incarcerated person get a hearing for bail, and a local bail bonds company can help fund an arrested person’s bail requirement. There is no reason for a person to stay in jail longer than is required, and hiring professionals for help is always a good idea when dealing with legal issues.

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