Gilroy Jail

Gilroy, California is a beautifully serene city known for its award-winning parks and annual Garlic Festival held every summer. However, there are some that still manage to find trouble here. If you or a loved one find yourself in the back of a police car while visiting Gilroy, the following will be very helpful:

The Gilroy Police Station is a substation that is conveniently located at 7370 Rosanna Street in downtown Gilroy. If a person is arrested by Gilroy Police Department, they will be booked into the San Jose Main Jail Complex, also known as the Santa Clara County Jail. The process of booking typically takes several hours to complete. During the booking process, the offender will be assigned a location and a court date, as well as be informed what their bail amount will be.

Gilroy Main Jail Complex

The Main Jail Complex at 150 West Hedding Street in San Jose is divided into two facilities – Main Jail North and Main Jail South. The 350 staff members at the Main Jail Complex receive and book over 60,000 offenders, but most of them are cited and released, or post bail on their criminal charges. The amount of money a person, or someone on behalf of that person, must pay in order to be released from jail is known as bail. Bail is sometimes required by the court in order to ensure that the person who was arrested will appear in court when expected. If that individual appears for all of their court appearances, the money(bail) will be returned. If the person fails to appear for all of the court dates, the funds will be forfeited. Bail may be posted for an inmate seven days a week at any time of the day or night at the Santa Clara County Main Jail Complex, except during the hours of 2:00am – 5:00am when the office if closed. The jail accepts four types of bail: cash, money orders, cashier’s checks and bail bonds.

Gilroy Main Jail North

Main Jail North is a facility that utilizes the “direct supervision” approach. This is a theory that combines architectural design, specialized training for staff and an inmate management structure based on positive reinforcement. In this setting, there is one officer who over-sees a locked quarters containing up to 60 inmates. This is based on the idea that an officer can lead the group better by knowing and understanding the personality of each offender. Each inmate has a cell with only a bed and toilet in it and there is typically an large shared room for the inmates to use the phone or watch television. There is no privacy. Even the showers are a common area.

Opened in 1956, Main Jail South is designed with tiers and bars that have the capacity to hold about 670 inmates. It also uses the direct supervision approach despite the fact that many modern jails no longer operate in this manner due to concerns regarding safety. It has been shown that though that this manner of inmate management is completely safe for the inmates as well as the staff.

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