Hanford Jail (Kings County Jail)

The Hanford Jail, or Kings County Jail, is a short and long-term detention center serving Kings County and other districts in California. The building has two floors and is located next to the sheriff’s department for the county. The building was first constructed before World War II. It has been in almost continuous operation since that time. The jail has undergone a number of renovations over the years. The latest planned expansion is intended to increase the number of beds available by more than 100 and add some extra services for inmates.

The Kings County Jail houses a diverse range of inmates. The facility currently has both men and women held in different wings. Although there were originally two wings for women, these have recently been consolidated into a single location. The wing is actually a caged area containing cots. The jail was also used to hold juvenile offenders who were taking part in a rehabilitative boot camp. The juvenile program was canceled in order to make room for additional adult inmates.

Hanford Jail is one of the manly locations in California that has been affected by the redistribution of non-violent offenders. The jail is currently receiving between two and four times the normal volume of individuals. Many of these people are coming to jail for an extended period of time due to parole violations. The overcrowding in the jail is leading to new policies that maximize the capacity of the facility. The jail is technically rated to hold up to 361 inmates at any one time. This capacity has been increased to 467 by adding cots in common areas and increasing the number of inmates in each cell. The jail currently averages a population of around 400 inmates.

Hanford Jail is also a location where people are held after an arrest while waiting for a trial. These individuals can sometimes spend weeks or months in the facility waiting for a trial. Most of these individuals can post bail to leave jail until the trial date. The overcrowding makes this a popular option. Posting bail involves contacting the jail and finding out the court-ordered amount that must be paid. It is then usually necessary to contact a bail bond company in order to file the papers and pay the amount. The jail will release the person as soon as the bail bond company confirms everything is in order. This entire process can take less than an hour.

Visiting inmates who cannot post bail in Kings County Jail is not necessarily like most other locations. The visitation center is a collection of monitors with handsets. Visitors are only allowed to see and interact with people in the facility through a monitor. Additionally, the jail has a dress code. Visitors who are wearing clothes that are deemed inappropriate could be asked to change or could be denied the scheduled visit. Additionally, electronics like cell phones and cameras are not allowed during the visitation. Fortunately, registering as a visitor and scheduling a visitation time can all be done online from any location.

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