Las Colinas Detention Facility

Las Colinas is a women’s detention facility (LCDF) located about a half hour’s drive northeast of San Diego. It is the primary intake point for female inmates in San Diego County. Originally a juvenile institution, it was commissioned in 1967 and was converted to an adult women’s facility in 1979. It is the oldest detention facility in the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted to expand the facility in 2009. The redevelopment led to a tripling of its previous size. It now has a Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) rating of 432 beds. The facility occupies 15 acres of land adjacent to Santee, California. It has 11 housing units, of which seven are dormitory-style. In these units, the women share common living and sleeping accommodation. On any day, LCDF can have as many as 880 inmates. All classifications of inmates are housed here, from minor misdemeanors to major violent offenses. The Las Colinas Detention Facility also has a secure psychiatric unit.

If you have a loved one who has been taken to Las Colinas, you can be sure they will be made as comfortable as possible while you are going through the bail process. The courts sometimes impose a cash bond on people who have been arrested. There are several possible reasons for this. They may have been arrested on an out-of-county warrant, have failed to pay a fine that was imposed by the courts, or not has appeared before the court on a previous occasion when they were told to.

Having an authorized third party, like a bail bond company, post bail may improve the chances of the defendant and his family getting their money back. Note that the exact dollar amount must be posted at the jail; they do not make a change.

The facility maintains a 24/7 medical facility. Inmates have access to daily nursing rounds. Contract physicians (psychiatrists, dentists, orthopedics, obstetrics & gynecology, internal medicine, and Planned Parenthood) also visit LCDF each day.

Grossmont School District provides the inmates with vocational and educational programs. Inmates can participate and learn skills in landscaping, clothing manufacture, office occupations, computer graphics, and GED programs. All of these programs are set up to give the inmates marketable skills that they can use to gain employment after they are released.

The kitchen at LCDF is staffed by a supervisor, senior cooks, and inmates. The kitchen facility often provides meals to law enforcement and local volunteers during a major incident (search and rescue operations and natural disasters).

While the facilities are not uncomfortable and the inmates are treated with dignity and respect, if Internet reviews from previous inmates are anything to go by, there are better places to have a vacation.

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