Manteca Jail (San Joaquin County Jail)

Manteca Jail is one of three correction facilities in San Joaquin County, which serves the city of Manteca both as a receiving and a holding facility. Manteca is a beautiful town located an hour east of San Francisco with a population of 71,000 that has been steadily growing ever since the town was established in 1849. Manteca Jail is a well-kept and well-disciplined correction facility in California.

Overcrowded conditions have gotten worse in the past decade. The California Board of State and Community Corrections states that all county, state and federal correction facilities in California have reached or exceeded their capacity. The conditions have gotten so overwhelming that in 2013, 29,000 inmates went on a hunger strike. The state of California Corrections pleaded with the Governor for assistance. The role of the bail bondsman helps to alleviate the overcrowding while also assisting the inmates.

Manteca Jail is up-to-date and organized at all three San Joaquin County jail locations. Manteca Jail houses both men and women in Observation Cells, Temporary Holding, General Population, Segregation, Maximum Security Unit and the Medical Unit, which is attended 24 hours a day.

The general population is available for visitation from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on most days with a maximum of three visitors per visit. More guidelines can be found online on the San Joaquin County Sheriff webpage.
How the Bail Bondsman Helps the Inmate

No one wants to remain behind bars. The role of a bail bondsman is to get the inmates out who can provide cash or collateral. The bail bondsman can then use that to get their client released. Because of the Speedy Trial Law, the first appearance must be within 24 hours of the arrest.

The judge in this court will examine the charges and set the appropriate bond amount. The bail bondsman will pay 10 percent of the bond amount to the court to get the inmate out of jail. The arrestee can they work until their second appearance in court, which is typically 14 days from the date of arrest.

Fast and efficient California bail bondsmen are necessary in San Joaquin County at the Manteca Jail. Traffic felonies and misdemeanors or felonies are all permitted on a bond from a bail bondsman.

The inmate must have the 10 percent of the bond, and they are ensured to show up at their second appearance. When they appear in court, the 10 percent is returned, but if the arrestee fails to appear in court, the judge will issue a warrant for the re-arrest, and the entire amount of the bond must be paid in full. Bail bondsmen take a huge risk with every individual that they bond out.

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Bail Bond Rates

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